Vera Lauren, A Contemporary Master, Emotional Healer, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

An introduction by Catherine Julian Dove

My dear long time friend, my writer, & editor, Vera Lauren, a contemporary master, who is also a healer and a dynamic Life Coach/spiritual counselor. Many times during my reading with clients I feel they would benefit from a Life Coach to assist them in their daily living and with spiritual principles. Life coaching can help to reshape your thinking and design a plan for the creation of new possibilities to grow. Christ has appeared to Vera when she began to edit my book and she has had many visions of Mother Mary, and in the early 1980’s Archangel Michael appeared before her.

I have total confidence in her, so if you need further spiritual guidance please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Vera: veralauren8@gmail.com

Blessings, Catherine Julian Dove


January 2018

We are super grateful. Thank you for taking the time to help us along and offer such a wonderful healing opportunity.  Katy and I enjoyed that experience very much.

You did a beautiful job explaining the process while we listened the whole time not having to say a word from start to end. The opportunity for us to remain quiet allowed us to focus on the healing intention in our own personal way.

Katy saw an angel hovering over between us, watching, before you mentioned angels helping.

Katy felt like she was being given a hug. The experience as very comforting.

We were laying side by side since Katy is physical uncomfortable on her sides at the moment…plurex catheters…

We do highly recommend Vera Lauren as a healer and we are looking forward to her help in the near future in the form of at least one more session.

Love and blessings.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️

Kay and Jason Gudione, Connecticut

Animal communicator. I am the founder of SSNAAPE, an animal rescue and of course, I take in many dogs and cats. Vera is one of my volunteers. Last year (2016)  we had plans to go somewhere, but  felt one of my cats wanted to die, but was struggling, so I asked Vera to take a look at her. Vera stroked my cat and then asked me to leave the room and about a minute later my cat passed. Vera said that happens a lot, even with people.

A few months ago (spring 2017), my older dog Tilly seemed to be failing and I wanted to do something special for her and even wondered if there was anything bothering her. Vera “spoke” with Tilly and said, “No, Tilly is quite content accept for one minor thing. Did you recently get rid of her old bed? Tilly is showing me an image, but it is weird because it is outside and appears to be a bed on top of a bed.” Well, that is spot on. Outside, I had a raised bed and just bought a new orthopedic bed I placed on top of it. Tilly told Vera she preferred her old bed back. Then, 3 days later, Vera texted that Tilly had gotten used to her new bed. That was accurate as well because she was was now spending time in her new bed.TillyTilly with new bed on top of a raised bed.

June, 2017 Mimi, a 12 year old cat, was failing, but I had to leave to fly back east. The Sunday before she passed Vera texted to tell me Mimi wanted to die, but preferred I was there and she did not feel she could wait a week for my return. That Monday, Mimi had really taken a turn for the worse, so I did have to put her down before leaving that night. Knowing this is what she wanted gave me peace of mind, although it always such a difficult decision. Vera’s communications helped make the transitions easier and for that I am grateful.

M.A. B. Fallbrook, Ca.


In January 2018, Vera Lauren performed a healing on me and the experience that I had was very relaxing. During the healing, I experienced seeing beautiful colors, beautiful white puffy clouds. I was in a very peaceful place, nothing else mattered. Prior to the healing, I was having a lot of difficulty breathing. During the session, I could breath!  I can still breath better to this day. Towards the end of the session I was so relaxed I tried to get up too soon, but my body wasn’t ready, so I laid back down. I didn’t want to come out of that relaxation phase, it was so incredible, I did not want it to go away. I could breath so much better, I can still breath better to this day. I believe I was healed and I’m doing much better now.  I would recommend this type of healing to anyone, it is incredible, Vera takes you to a place I can’t even explain, you’re just on another planet. You’ re somewhere else, it’s hard to explain people, you need to have her do a healing like this it works , it really works. You can trust Vera, she knows what she is doing. Lisa Cacioppo, Connecticut


I read about Snowball on Facebook, a dog that was lost for months and everyone said Sara would never see her again. I did not agree, and believe me I would never mislead a distraught pet owner. Months went by and I kept encouraging Sara to continue to see the dog at home with her.

“Thank god I was encouraged by hopefuls like u. I took many phone calls to get enough info to find him. $350 and 5 days later he was home from a high kill shelter. Thank god for snowball. My camera on my phone doesn’t work or I would have sent a pic. Blessings”

Sara B. Huntington Beach, Ca


Sherri Fucci Mirando Rollinson

October 11, 2015

Dear Vera,

I just had to write to sincerly thank you for your amazing spiritual guidance and support. Out of the goodness of your heart, you helped me find peace and hope. I’m so incredibly thankful to you Vera, and can’t praise you highly enough. Given the somewhat negative experiences that I’ve endured, I feel that you’ve given me the spirual tools to confront and deal with my issues. Your techniques are undoubtedly working and enormously beneficial. My home is now my sanctuary, filled with love and light. I now have a sence of peace and feel confident it will remain so. May your spiritual work grow so you can continue to help others as you’ve helped me.

God Bless, Hugs and Kisses, Sherri


From: Rosalie Leavitt
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2012 3:15 PM
To: Vera
Subject: Re: endorsements

Hi Vera,

Here is a 5 star endorsement for your healing skills I wish to share.  In the 1980s, I had been diagnosed with with tendonitis in my right wrist.  At that time I was working with Vera’s husband, and he came to work one day and asked if anyone needed healing.  I immediately volunteered to have her take a look at my wrist.  He said fine, he would talk to her about it.  The next day she called and we made an appointment for her to meet with me.  She met with me the next day, and she rubbed my wrist lightly and did some breathing, when she was finished we stood up, and she said “Did you know that one of your hips is lower than the other?” and as she said that, she reached out and touched my hip with a forefinger, and my back cracked, like it had been adjusted by a chiropractor.  Within 2-3 days my wrist was totally free of pain, and I have never had any more problems with the wrist or my hip. Love Rosi







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