Rev. Vera Lauren, a Contemporary Master, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach, testimonial by Catherine J. Dove

Contemporary Master & Scholar, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Introducing Contemporary & Scholar Master, Rev. Vera Lauren:

I am introducing my dear, long time, sister friend, writer, contributor, editor, Vera Lauren, a contemporary master and scholar, who is also a dynamic Life Coach. Many times during my reading with clients I feel they would benefit from a Life Coach to assist them in their daily living and with spiritual principles. Life coaching can help to reshape your thinking and design a plan for the creation of new possibilities to grow. Christ has appeared to Vera when she began to edit my book and she has had many visions of Mother Mary, and in the early 1980’s Archangel Michael appeared before her.

I have total confidence in her, so if you need further complimentary spiritual guidance ,please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Vera:

Blessings, Catherine Julian Dove

Vera Lauren, Master & scholar, is a messenger for the Christ Matrix. A highly intuitive being with an awakened spirit. She is an inspirational and empowered emotional healer, and compassionate communicator, selflessly living her life in service. She perpetually contributes to the planetary ascension process and truly lives as an example of her philosophies of higher consciousness. She is a straightforward and loving counselor.

Here is what she has to say regarding this work…

“We have all heard the buzz words such as: life coach, motivational speaker, and cheerleader as defining someone who can guide you to succeed on your journey of personal transformation. Along with this comes promises of victory with additional buzz phrases: rewiring your core beliefs, reinventing yourself, success with positive thinking, and so on. All of this well intended rhetoric gets you pumped, but most fall flat like a short lived sugar high. Every teaching of this nature, in my opinion, must leave one empowered not dependent on anyone. However, we all must be prepared for setbacks so encouragement and refresher sessions for new challenges are a small part of the ongoing process.

I offer techniques for building your personal network of support and designing your very individualized power-tool pack of techniques for a higher quality of life and a solid foundation that is applicable for mitigating any every day or unexpected real life struggles. To me, intentions are the key behind everything and my intentions are to improve the life of others, so no one leaves this world without having sung their song; I encourage them to hit that note.

Do not allow the simplicity of this uncomplicated message mask the impact that potentially can be phenomenal. Fear, resentment, doubt, guilt, and worry create walls that block the flow of creative and healing energy. This is how most self-sabotage from reaching their highest potential.”

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are your emotional buttons, what motivates you, and what are your inner strengths, and what needs to be developed? Do you lack discipline? This simply means doing what is necessary even though you really do not want to–like exercising.
  • De-program core patterns that block, mask or are seen as hurdles such as procrastination. Are you living in the world of want?–of which the universe will respond in kind. In the world of want you will never have, only want, fulfilling the Law of Attraction. Much like memories of my own mother always asking God for strength and the Universe responding with more hurdles fulfilling her requests to be stronger.
  • Are your relationships stagnant, but like a comfortable old bathrobe and slippers you are too lazy to change? Do you settle, believing that is all there is and that you are either too old, too tired, or have responsibilities stifling your happiness. Yet, you feel as though you are serving a prison sentence?
  • Do you play the blame/shame games?
  • Do you always have an excuse for just about everything?
  • Are you stuck in the energy of lack and limitation having taken the Vow of Poverty instead of the Vow of Abundance?
  • Is it your belief that happiness is a goal?
  • Are you always shoulding on yourself and others?
  • Do you have pent up dreams?
  • Do you live in denial of your feelings?
  • Are you always seeking approval?
  • Do you mentally rerun situations, thus drawing energy to them so they will reoccur in your life over and over?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then in this very second stop beating yourself up and commit to making a change to reframe your thinking with true intentions and to commit to self healing techniques that will result in your desired lifestyle. Look, we are all magnets attracting the energy we send out manifesting the results we concentrate on. I call us, karmic boomerangs.

Miracles are not just in the Bible. Much of our behaviors have been put in place since the day we were born. It really does not matter how you got to this point, only that you recognize you are worthy of a better life. If one drives to a show in a very cool car and someone else drives a junk, is one more or less deserving of the highest entertainment? Absolutely not! It is okay to look back in life to learn from our history, but do not stare or you will stay stuck in the past like television reruns. I have come to believe the old adage that goes something like, there are folks that make life happen and those that wait around for life to happen. Which one are you? ”

Vera has a Special introductory offer for a private consultation : $50 per hour. To take advantage of this special offer:

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