Who Are The Ascended Masters?

By Messenger Catherine Julian Dove and Vera Lauren of the Christ Matrix®

© 2009 Christ Matrix

capstoneHave you ever mentioned the words ascended masters to people who are not on a metaphysical path? What type of reaction did you receive? Did you feel versed enough to answer their questions. Most on the spiritual path just know they exist, for we speak our own language. Some masters lived on earth a long time ago, some come from the stars, meaning other planets and dimensions. For those who would like to know more about these beings and the realms they inhabit, I would like to share this article with you.

Who Are The Ascended Masters?

As just mentioned, some lived on earth like Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Francis, Lord Buddha and many others. But we only know the names of just a handful I am told. The heavens are filled with ascended masters. Some live in more advanced systems such as the Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra, or Vega. Some come from the angelic realms, like the archangels. Some are light beings and have never left very high and pure universes. Yes, there are many other universes. You actually exist in a higher universe also. That is the part of you that is trying to awaken within you. Now, let’s hear from some of the ascended masters on how they speak about themselves.

“We would say that the ascended masters exist within their radiant garments of light. You might think of the ascended masters as the emissaries of light. We follow earth’s evolutions through its cycles. There are many who descended from these regions such as Jesus of Nazareth and your Buddha. They came for a specific purpose and for a specific time. They came to create an opportunity for earth’s healing. In the supreme heaven, God gave immediate charge of the myriad of creations to his children. On earth, most now identify themselves as the fallen race seeking penance and God’s mercy.

To die is not a concept we experience or hold. We reside in Paradise worlds and there are many of us. Most of those who reside in these regions have names which are not known to those on earth. We would say that we work with those living on earth and in other parts of the universes that have not yet ascended. We work with our sisters and our brothers, for this is how we see you. We open the minds and hearts to receiving inspiration and learning to understand forms of unconditional love within you and with the beauty still on earth. We inspire. We are in the moments of inspiration, whether it is through a message we are giving now through our messenger, through lyrics, perhaps a string of notes, an invention, or a piece of artwork. It all comes from the higher spheres.

To some we speak words, to some we speak music, to some we speak science, creation or invention. We are in the forms of design in architecture–we are inspiration; we are laugher. We enjoy forming in creation. We have appeared on earth by many names.

There is a future for earth to have the possibility of experiencing the process that will attribute more growth to the planet. Several working throughout the world are holding an alignment with radiant beings. You identify us as ascended masters; even several of the archangels who work with earth exist on these planes of reality.

We, like the archangels, open up gates of light. There have always been specific beings–part of groups who work on specific teachings who descend and again ascended. You see this in your religious heritages from David to Jesus and in the Buddha lineages and the Yogis. We would say these masters or groups of masters descend and ascend the spiral staircase to show you the way because most on earth have forgotten the way home.

Not all of the masters who visit earth are in religions; some work with the governments. Those who come to make a change to strengthen the freedoms they brought and fought for lifetimes ago. Some only visit earth for certain time and then through a process of awakening they begin to be drawn up through the light of their I Am Presence and once again awaken into the ascended master octave that they came to earth from. Some are in the public eye while others are behind the scene cutting through the density of earth’s magnetic fields to anchor more light to earth.

Many of those who ascended from the earth have chosen to remain as part of the hierarchy and councils that govern earth. Certain ones like Mother Mary and the saints choose to remain closer to earth than some other ascended masters. Others have chosen to return to the Paradise worlds and they serve on many types of councils. They provide love and protection for earth. An ascended master has a rapidly spinning vortex of light around them. They are still individualized in consciousness. Some, when called upon, can work wonders in your lives. They appear as miraculous because of their light. They remain as an example of what they hope you will also one day achieve for yourselves.”

Where Do Ascended Masters Reside?

Most of these high beings hold an office or are on councils that oversee lower universes and planets such as the universe and planet we reside in. Some serve on the Karmic Board and assist the souls in their lessons and progression. Many assigned to earth have retreats in the etheric realms. These are regions invisible to those on earth. They are beyond the veil. They also dwell on the causal plane. The causal plane is a clear reality holding levels of awakened states of consciousness. (See What Are The Ascended Master Teachings for more information.) Even the ascended masters are continuing to learn and grow just as the human soul is expanding its understanding of itself within its image of God being present in all things. Now, let’s hear directly from the ascended masters on this topic.

“There are several ascended master octaves. Some ascended masters work specifically with the creations on earth. They are veiled in the etheric realms and are very high masters who support the life streams on earth. There are different levels of attainment even within these regions. Ascended masters are like you in that they are expanding in their knowledge and in the light they hold and can command.

Many of the ascended masters assigned to earth exist in retreats or sanctuaries around your planet in the invisible realms. These would be the ones who once lived on earth and now serve humankind in the ascension process. We would say that they are now in the better and pure part of themselves. They have removed themselves from the earthly chakras, and they reside above their higher mental body. This is what it means to ascend. From there they gained access to patterns within their divine monad. They made a home for themselves within their divine soul and exist now within the remembrance of being awakened. There are many regions of paradise worlds for you to explore once you move beyond your higher mental body and this is the blessing all on earth are seeking, whether they realize this or not. This is true freedom”

What Does It Take To Become An Ascended Master?

Most tell you that you have to master yourself, your lower self. But what really is happening is that you have to create a space for the master who resides in your divine monad to take up residence within you. On this path to enlightenment, you are normally met by many obstacles. Why is this? Mostly because the students are holding onto what is old and comfortable in the way of thought-forms, beliefs and even relationships. Thought-forms such as how you handle your emotions and your words. Thought-forms can resonate to a lesser field of energy holding little light, or a higher frequency holding more light. What separates anyone from becoming a master is a frequency held within them. The human soul for many is caught up in the illusion of matter reality guided by the ego and not the divine soul. Now, let’s hear directly from the ascended masters on this topic.

“The first step is that the human begins to question its divine nature and they desire to understand more. To move beyond boundaries placed on it through dogmas, if they are no longer resonating truth to their inner being. More on earth are beginning to doubt their religious beliefs and question the control of the ruling parties and their ethics. The majority on the planet is not doing this, but those who do are creating an opportunity to awaken. Continue to question and desire to know the God who desires to reveal Itself to you without pomp. Earth’s great dramas have placed humanity in the lower part of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a very sacred symbol and you belong in the higher parts of your tree. Once in a more expanded state you begin to remember your divine origins. This will give humanity the great leap forward that some are asking for. On earth, there are many obstacles that we the ascended masters, ladies and lords, do not deal with. This does not mean that we do not experience the pains we see occurring on earth, but they do not last, and they are not experienced to the same degree because we understand what has occurred to earth’s children. Instead we have great desires to see everlasting truth and love return to earth, and this causes us to feel joyful. Our nature is one of immense kindness for we are able to speak directly to God. The first time I, Mother Mary, awakened within the higher heavens and the veil of separation was lifted, I heard my name being called. It was a sound I remembered awakening my soul when I was in the flesh on earth. There was a radiant being beside me and many ascended masters. I could see my beloved husband, Joseph, and my son, Jesus. When the veil is parted, it is as if you are seeing the truth for the first time.

If you desire to awaken, you should make calls to your I Am Presence, speak to God and ask to have the truth revealed to you while you are in the flesh and have a soul remembrance. There are messages delivered to earth regularly from the angelic realms. The angels are in service to the ascended masters who exist beyond your time. Recognizing yourself within the realms of light is how you are of service. There are many patterns you are yet to understand to be able to control patterns on earth, but the one that can empower you in this moment is to claim your Godhood, your God essence. God is a vibrant light within your soul body. Ask to experience this in the now and in the present. It will guide you home to where we exist as radiant light beings. The ascended masters would not remain with earth if there was no hope for many to return to us.

You ascend earth by first working with your Higher Self who opens up a path of least resistance for each personality. This is why in ancient times, and even now, those of the saints, yogis and holy men and women do not have to give up their specific dogmas to make their ascension. What occurs is they pull in a higher diagram of themselves as they exist on a higher plane of reality which holds their soul’s divine blueprint. In current times, you call this your light bodies. These light bodies systems are above the higher mental body. Working above the higher mental body is your first major step in the ascension spiral. For a time the experiencing human consciousness feels as if it is being destroyed. In actuality it is within the stages of higher growth. The mental activity it had been accustomed to begins to dissolve away. This process also destroys karmic patterns-it is actually the process that Lord Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, experienced.”

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