Where Does Spiritual Guidance Originate?

By Messenger Catherine Julian Dove and Vera Lauren of the Christ Matrix®

Should I trust the spiritual guidance given me by others?

capstoneTrue spiritual guidance does not try to persuade you to harm others or yourself, nor does it encourage you to focus anger, hatred or negativity towards others. These types of teachings are a distortion of spiritual law and do not demonstrate spiritual wisdom – because they are not aligned with the principles of love. Do not accept what others share with you if it does not feel right. It does not matter if it is coming from a minister, priest, rabbi, spiritual healer, channel, or any other spiritual guide. Inner wisdom is a natural gift, given to all by our Creator in order to facilitate the connection between your divine soul and the embodied personality. Often guidance operates in our lives as our intuition, without us even recognizing it.

My name is Catherine Julian Dove, and I am a channel. My teachers also call me an oracle or a messenger. This means I not only hear their words in my mind, but I also allow them to use my voice chakra to speak directly to those I work with. I trained for years to become a clear channel. I received many initiations in previous lifetimes, as well as in this life, in preparation for my work with the ascended masters. I waited many years before I brought my work to the public. Now I have the ability to speak to those who dwell in the ascended master octaves. Now I teach others how to make their ascension, and how to deal with issues in their lives. The masters I work with are from a grid called the Christ Matrix®. I first began working with Mother Mary, then later Jesus the Christ, Lord Buddha, Lord Kuthumi, Lady Nada, Archangel Michael, and many others. All who I work with are ascended. I can also communicate with another person’s Higher Self as well as talk to those who have crossed over, however I do not see the latter as my work. I can speak to those who reside in other dimensions and even other universes. Once initiated into the higher orders, initiates are permitted into the regions that hold similar, higher frequencies.

I thought I would share some frequently asked questions as a way to help others understand and attain spiritual freedom. So here is a sampling of thoughts that pass through the minds and hearts of some of my students when querying the ascended masters:

  • What is spiritual guidance?
  • How can I find my own source of inner guidance and inner peace?
  • How do I know when to trust my intuitions?
  • Can I rely on my intuitions?
  • Should I trust the spiritual guidance given me by others?

Inner wisdom is a natural gift, given to all by our Creator in order to facilitate the connection between soul and the developing personality. Often this gift operates in our lives as our intuition, without us even knowing it. In my channeled books, Jesus speaks about how intuition comes in through the solar plexus chakra and that is why many experience this as a gut feeling. The regular practice of prayer and meditation can assist you with moving past a gut feeling, to a sense of knowing. These nudges from spirit helps us in our daily lives to reconnect with our inner master. You can learn to develop this on your own, or you can seek out a spiritual teacher and channel, such as me. We are here to assist you in the process of the development of your mastery. But you should never give your personal power away to anyone, not even someone you believe is further along on the path to spiritual development then yourself or displays gifts you currently do not have. Christ explains in my work with him: “We should have reverence for those teachers who are further along on the spiritual path, but be careful not to worship them, and always recognize that the indwelling Creator exists in each creation.”

As you begin to access information for yourself, always consider your frame of mind and the state of your emotions. As your higher chakras open, you will find you can step aside more easily than when you are first beginning. The information coming through should help you to grow and develop deeper levels of love for self and toward others, and spark a desire to be in service. These kinds of thoughts will pull in higher teachers who share an interest in working with you. Mother Mary once told me, “I work with so many on earth, because like yourselves, I have also committed to our Creator to get a certain amount of work out onto the planet.”

How to Recognize Spiritual Guidance

Christ has told me inner wisdom and intuitions speak quietly, through the voice of love. Inner guidance often comes with a feeling of warmth, comfort, upliftment, love, and joy. Christ usually tells me something only once, as he does not waste his energy and normally he is the softest voice I hear. This confused me in the beginning. I would ask Christ a question and he would say I gave you my answer. My response would go something like this: “But that was a while ago!” His reply was the standard – “but my answer has not changed”. I longed for him to repeat himself to me over and over again and came to realize Christ will not do this for me. However, in many cases ones higher self and spirit guides will repeat things until you get it. We often ignore the messages and later say I knew that, but I did not listen because it was not loud enough or strong enough to make an impact. What we need to develop are listening skills. I came to recognize that there are many voices out there, which are more than happy to have long conversations with those in human bodies. Some are beneficial, but some just desire to speak to anyone in human form. All of creation contains the essence of God’s light and love, but not all accept it. You have a spiritual heart with many hidden chambers just waiting to be opened. For most, the social conditioning of the outer world has caused these chambers to be veiled from the masses. You gain guidance by stepping forward onto a spiritual path, and achieve this by developing within yourselves a strong desire to know the truth of your own divine nature.

Developing Discernment on the Spiritual Path

This is an important concept. For over 28 years I have been a student, a channel, and a teacher. I have seen many having a varied amount of experiences. When you are reading or listening to spiritual wisdom offered by a channel, spiritual guide, or teacher, always notice how it feels to you. How do you feel in your body and your emotions? The ascended masters and God’s Presence have a certain rhythm that can be felt. Always be alert for signs that a person is trying to control you with their work, or if you feel your personal power is being taken. This does NOT mean the spiritual teacher is not reputable, it could mean you are developing inappropriate feelings toward them. Remember, they are there to guide your way to reconfirm what you are already feeling from your inner guidance, to answer questions you cannot yet get for yourself, and to assist you in strengthening the bond between you and spirit. Your spirit actually resides in a higher soul compartment, and this has to be drawn in to you through a process leading to ascension.

Remember that true spiritual guidance from the realms of light will never try to persuade you to harm others or yourself, or encourage you to focus anger, hatred or negativity towards others. These types of teachings are not from the highest regions and are not aligned with God’s original blue print of divine and unconditional love. I have also seen some who open prematurely, thinking they have some special earth-type relationship with a master or someone from another dimension. I assure you, no one from the higher, purer realms desires to have a romantic tryst with a human. I have been told for them to have those feeling towards humans, they would have to hold a human chakra system and they do not.

Blessings, dispensations and healings accompany working with ascended masters

With an ascended master there is always an occupying blessing, healing, or dispensation that accompanies my readings. This sharing is intended as a gift to help you to open your own source of inner wisdom.

The language and concepts used are to share inner guidance that may or may not be familiar to you, and may sometimes differ from your own experiences or spiritual beliefs. This is okay, the important thing is to receive what information or energy is helpful, and to let go of what does not resonate with you. When I was studying different paths, I noticed some teachings used different names. I was a novice then and this confused me. Now that I am more experienced, many times my master teachers will tell me the meaning of an unfamiliar term and how their terminology relates to words they are using. So do not be turned off by language you may not understand. Ask to align with your own Christ Light Body, which is your Christ mind or ask to attain the highest wisdom possible for you at this stage. This is an ongoing process of purification to increase clarity for those learning to become all they are intended to be.

Do not accept what others share with you if it does not feel right. It does not matter if it is coming from a minister, priest, rabbi, spiritual healer, channel, or any other spiritual guide. If it does not resonate, bring it into yourself and ask the master within if it is to be your truth. It might or might not be truth for you at this time in your experience; this is why it is best not to judge. Better yet, ask for the ability to recognize truth for yourself and this will help you to maintain your personal power. Always work with a teacher you respect, because if you do not you will receive little from their guidance. This is just how the universe works.

Unfortunately, most are taught from an early age to override their natural inner guidance and wisdom. So if you have difficulty connecting with your own inner voice of wisdom, make a commitment to sit quietly each day to reconstruct that connection. Create an area that feels like a space you want to share with a divine part of yourself.

Developing and expanding a meditation practice can transform your life and your consciousness. It is simple and profound, and will reconnect you with your own inner master. You can use any meditation technique that works for you. Or you can simply sit quietly, placing your hand on your heart, and focus attention on your breath, and on being in the present moment. When I taught classes in San Antonio, Mother Mary would always suggest to us that we place our hand on our heart and she would say “now remember I am only a breath away”, this brought comfort to many who attended those meetings. Whenever the mind demands your attention, simply notice this and bring your attention back to your breath. Hold no judgment toward yourself, because the mind tends to be very active. Each time your mind strays, just gently bring yourself back to your breath. You may want to focus on an object such as a crystal, a picture of a sacred site, or a spiritual master who has attained a level you hope to someday reach. As you take higher initiations into your light bodies, you will notice many of these annoyances of the busy mind disappear. I tell my friends and students, my mind is blank of mindless chatter and it is a blessing, and now it is always ready for spirit to fill.

As the spiritual heart expands, you grow closer to your true divine essence. As your spirit body descends, your experience deepens. Old patterns of fear and defensiveness dissolve and spiritual wisdom begins to open naturally. Now the master within begins to take over more and more. So Remember, the goal of any form of true spiritual guidance coming to you is to help you connect with God and with your own divine nature and its purpose.

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