What are the Ascended Master Teachings?

By Messenger Catherine Julian Dove and Vera Lauren of the Christ Matrix®

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capstoneThe ascended master’s teachings are on a wide range of subjects, but most are for the process of awakening and assisting us in understanding our nature as being divine.
Now, let’s hear how the ascended masters would describe their teaching to you.

“We embrace life. Earth is actually in opposition. We stand between the forces of light and those of darkness which still exist. We give advice and we give instruction on prayer. We are coming in during a cycle when many advanced teachings are also available. We would say we are teachers of wisdom. We give instructions to many on how to create a barrier of light. We give talks on how to release judgments, and what the benefits are from forgiveness. For some on the planet, we take them and instruct them in many different halls of knowledge and teach them the gift of working with their I Am Presences. We show them the path of light which is a blessing. Once we come into alignment with our students on earth we remain with them. We prepare them to receive teachings that will expand their experience. Some come to us like sponges wanting to know and understand all parts of creation. Some ask few questions, although we would say we find great joy in answering their questions. We ask everyone not be afraid to call upon us. We assist them in living their lives and try to help them not repeat the same mistakes. For the advanced students, we teach them to pierce the veil, and prepare them for ascension.

As earth fell, Spirit departed from the human DNA system because Spirit is connected to the I Am Presence. This is why each ascending soul becomes a radiant being of light. It takes the human time to integrate the higher light codes. This is what is referred to in your teachings as a blessing.

Above this universe are several others with even more radiant beings. They came to colonize the lower creations before the fall. Within you, they remember themselves. Ask to pass through and attain this coding for yourself. You can utilize a golden light to reconnect with the master levels. The ascended masters remain with the earth through its ascension process. We would like to give each one of you a thought to hold in your heart, and to hold in your mind. Release the resistance, ask to be shown an opening to your own God Image, and trust that a path of light will guide you home. Some get quite mental about the process of learning how to acquire the additional strands of DNA present in their light bodies. These are flickers of light. They exist for you within the columns of light descending towards you from the I Am Presence. You open this gateway by working with your I Am Flame, which exists in your spiritual heart. Your I Am Flame also holds a form of protection for you and working with it can release karmic patterns. By working with your I Am Flame as you become brighter, you attract to yourself also the higher teachers, and they begin to assist you with your training. Our messenger, Catherine, did this for many years, and now she is able to receive teachings from a number of ascended masters who come through a matrix of energy called the Christ-Buddha Matrix. This is an ascension spiral of light and holds a path of ascension for earth. We who remain with earth assist earth. You have each weathered many storms and we can see this in you.”

What benefits are there to taking classes or workshops with the ascended masters?

Over the years, I have experienced many initiations. I can barely remember the person I was when my classes began. I like to tell my students that I am being taught to ascend. If they are interested, they can join me. The masters take a special interest in the regular students. Oftentimes, I am given updates on their progress or given a message to assist them further. I feel the ascended masters create an extended family. Now, let’s hear from the ascended masters on this topic.

“During the classes and workshops, we intensify our work with our students. We are actually cleaning your auras, stabilizing the frequencies from the higher heavens, and reconnecting the missing key codes that establish light into your energy centers for healing on several levels. This light is brought in first from your Higher Self and later from your I Am Presence depending on what level you are currently working on. We anchor the students who are ready to the causal planes. These are the regions of heaven discussed in many holy teachings. The human soul for many on earth has yet to identify itself with these compartments of light. Many on earth remain more comfortable with the shadow side of existence.

For us, it is like threading a needle. We move in precision with your I Am Presence. We encourage you. The classes are opportunities for those students who desire to experience an acceleration of growth beyond the higher mental body. It is through the classes that we offer that we spin a vortex of light around you for your protection and for your growth. For many of the classes, we give specific titles to assist you in assimilating our intentions. However, we use each and every opportunity to intensify the realms of light to flow through you. Many times you are brought to the ashram of the ascended masters who preside over the class or workshop. You travel there in your light bodies. This practice of soul travel is what accelerates your growth. If you feel this subject matter is of interest to you, please know that you are welcome.”

What are the Causal Planes?

The causal planes are the colored rings around your I Am Presence. They are also our true home. I hear many people speaking about going to other planets or other earths and living a life in a new Camelot. If this is what interests you, we are probably not the group for you. Although I do speak to the Lord of Sirius and Lady Master Venus, I would rather visit their planet as an ascended master. Jesus once showed me another universe that he is from. He said that until we are over there in our lightbodies in full consciousness, it is hard for us to have a reference point to understand God’s many creations.

Now, let’s hear what the ascended masters have to say on this topic.

“We also exist further away from earth on the causal planes; the causal planes are also another name for your Divine Monad. There are many trees within the originating monad. Some trees are spliced together. Repairing your trees is the work of the ascended masters who come from the regions of light and of sound. In these regions there are also sound currents.

As you move into alignment with the causal planes, you work with a pattern of light that looks like a pole. Christ and Kuthumi have called it a rod of power. It is actually within the columns of light. It would be one of the pillars that exist within your descending columns. This long pole of light stabilizes the human chakras so that the student can harness the energies of the immaculate concept, which is every creation’s birthright. There is a strong impulse from these regions to assist those on earth who are awakening at this time. We would say that the door is open. This means that the shaft of light above the higher mental body is already built for those who desire to work with us here. One of the names many know is Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, who is assisting with guiding earth’s patterns. It is always a joy to continue to make our contribution to earth’s evolving cycles. Within these regions, many of you can begin to access your ancient memories of seed consciousness that began life in descending spirals of universes.

There are several creations that Sanat Kumara presides over; earth is only one of them. You are in one root race that is ending. This is the meaning of the Mayan calendar and the year 2012. Your world is not going to end, but it will acquire additional light to prepare the way for those to come who desire to prepare for the Golden Age. Some are here already. You call them the Indigo children–and there will be more to come–and as they come to enlightened parents your world begins to create its new future.

Once your gateway opens, ascended masters are actually positioned all around you. At this time, you experience a soul infusion and the ego lessens its hold, and you feel less attached. Memories appear to fade that do not support the incoming light. It is a period of the drawing in of spirit where the flame bodies become activated and many soul alignments are given from the causal planes.”

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