Sacred Meditation Blanket

Through the Christ Matrix, Jesus has offered his endorsement of these blankets as protection against electromagnetic frequencies. Each blanket is $85.00 and includes shipping & handling. The blankets are approximately 6 feet long and two feet wide. Color choices: saffron (pictured) and navy blue. (We only have a few navy blue left; so hurry while supplies last.)

The original inspiration for creating the MEDITATION BLANKET was inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda, one of the great spiritual figures of our time. His instructions for creating an environment for meditation include the following suggestions: Choose a quiet place, sit in a straight-back armless chair that preferably faces east. Place a woolen blanket, that may also be covered with silk, over your meditation chair and allow the fabric to run under your feet.

Yogananda stated: “The silk and the wool insulate your body against Earth currents, so that their opposite magnetic pull will not impede the flow of the life current and consciousness, which you are trying to draw upward through the spinal centers to the higher centers of divine consciousness in the brain.” Following this advice led to creating this sacred tool.

                                  Designed by Mukunda Imports, Made in India

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color choices–saffron and navy blue