Meditation Is Gymnastics For The Soul

By Vera Lauren

blanket for meditationMuch like exercise, meditation increases the body’s natural morphine-like beta endorphins in the brain for mood elevation and stress management. When you meditate you exercise your intuitive muscles. The more you meditate the more profoundly powerful your intuition becomes. Intuition is the path to self-realization. Intellect and reason are not near as powerful.

When I first took meditation classes in the seventies, I couldn’t get it. The more I tried to quiet my mind, the more chatter I heard. These frustrating experiences are common and most people, even those teaching for thirty years, don’t always know true scientific techniques for meditation.

When I finally did come across fool proof techniques, I still could not sit for three or four minutes. However, there were tangible positive shifts occurring, so through disciplined dedication I am now happily addicted to hours of daily meditation and a once a month practice of six to eight hour meditations.

Understand, that just because a philosophy is in writing does not mean that it holds any truth. It is also important to grasp that no teaching can fully satisfy, only actual contact with God will do that. The purpose of meditation is to help people understand and inspire them to seek a spiritual path to reach the ultimate goal, which is God. Once you have Him, you have all there is. That is really the reason to meditate, to make that experiential connection.

Past live memories and emotions need healing and why medicine alone will never be fully effective. Electromagnetic energies and patterns of the physical body open to receive the light and reflect what exists in the etheric, this is how healings occur beginning in your auric field, past lives, and consciousness. Meditation and prayer are effective active healing tools.

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