How You Can Benefit From A Channeled Reading

by Catherine Julian Dove and Vera Lauren © 2009 Christ Matrix

What does a Spiritual Channeling do for you?

Benefits of getting a reading

capstoneReceiving a reading is for those desiring to enrich and develop the wisdom of their Higher Self and receive the blessings of the angels and spiritual guides that are with you. In some cases, you will receive guidance that helps you with solving your daily and emotional problems, and sometimes even miracles will occur. Your guidance will help you find solutions to what you need to know, or may assist you in recognizing options available for an easier decision. Sometimes your guidance will direct you to a more advanced initiate who can help you recognize and develop your own special gifts.

Most spirit guides have a single purpose which is to teach you to see yourself as they do. I am told they see us as our spirit. Your spirit is a being of love, light, and creative potential residing in divine corridors of light. As you start to accept these truths about your own divine nature, past traumas dissolve and your daily reality begins to come into alignment with the desires of your Higher Self. A growing sense of peace and joy shows you are on an evolving path.

Contacting deceased loved ones

It is important to understand channeling must not be confused with someone whose sole intention is to contact the dead and seek their assistance. Often people misunderstand the role of a deceased loved one. They are as they were when they left earth. They did not die and become an angel. Most often they come as a way to offer you comfort and to let you know they are okay. I have helped many of my relatives who have crossed over years ago to continue in their own spiritual development. However, some departed loved ones may choose to remain with those they love who are still on earth, in the position of their guide. Many who channel will work with the same being or group of beings they have become a channel for, and find the being has a set intention for their work with the earth, and the person channeling them is assisting them in awakening others to the higher realms beyond the veil.

Mediums and Spiritual Channeling

When a medium uses spiritual channeling they leave their ordinary state of consciousness and become a conduit for a source of energy not normally in their awareness. Often, this process has taken them many lifetimes to develop. Some reach their Higher Self, an individualized part of themselves residing on a higher level of creation, or they may allow a spirit guide, a light being, or an ascended master they have contracted to work with or to communicate through them. At times they may feel a beautiful loving energy flowing through their body for the healing of themselves or others. Thoughts or images that are not their own may enter their mind, or they may find they are speaking in a way that differs from their ordinary speech patterns.

I was told by the ascended masters it is possible for people to channel their super ego, which holds a certain amount of knowledge. So always listen to your inner voice and see if the energy being channeled is right for you. And ask the psychic or channel exactly who it is that comes through them and how long they have worked with that entity. Some mediums work with levels of channeling closer to the earth others work with the ascended regions. This may be because they are not a high enough initiate to work with an ascended master, if this is the case they may open up astral connections you may not want to have opened. Should you or someone you know have this happen, immediately or as soon as possible contact a high initiate that is communicating with ascended masters to close down these openings.

Buyer Beware

It is possible to open to those who would desire to harm human souls. So when seeking a channel or a psychic, you should always question their intentions and who and what level of beings they are in contact with. Psychics often channel but do not know the source of the information. Many times psychics will bring through information from the spirit guide regions. Spirit Guides are normally focused on daily life. Ascended masters will discuss your personal problems, offer solutions, and awaken your spiritual nature. In my private sessions, as well as in my classes, those who attend receive blessings, and healings which accompany the master’s work.

At a convention I attended the ascended masters showed me a channel that was prejudiced over a client, therefore she did not give that client a good reading. If this is new to you and you feel apprehensive, try to separate yourself from any feelings of anxiety, then open your heart and ask that love flow through you and the person channeling. It should be a great experience full of insights. You may even find yourself saying, I know this. If you trust messages you receive, the flow will open up even more. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the demeanor of the channel or your body feels discomfort, you may want to work with someone else or reschedule for a day when you are feeling more open.

Spiritual Channeling

Spiritual channeling is a process whereby an individual person becomes the channel and the energies of a spirit speaks through them. Channels are also called oracles, messengers, and mediums. Channels can assist you in contacting deceased loved ones, while others choose to work with ascended master levels, and still others work with beings assisting earth from “spaceships.”

Throughout history prophets, oracles, saints, priestesses, priests, psychics, seers, witchdoctors, and shamans have been involved with this form of communication, and channeled energy from many levels of beings that exist in the unseen realms. All civilizations and cultures have had mystics, trance channels, prophets, and holy people who provided a service to their cultures with their abilities to tap into another dimension and bring through knowledge, which is not obtainable to the masses. And when used with the right attitude and intention, it is a blessing to those who seek their guidance.

To some degree or another everyone channels. Researchers, inventors, lyricists, and composers all channel, but it is called inspiration. Most people can recall a time when they felt touched by inspiration and experienced a knowing or a premonition. Channeling is a skill, and can actually be developed in you by having a strong desire to grow spiritually and the determination to reach upwards and inwards. Light channeling does not take years of training, but what it does require is the ability to make one’s mind calm and free of random thoughts, and you do need the ability to trust. Often people work with forms of meditation to quiet the mind from chatter. If you desire to channel the ascended masters, this does take a considerable amount of commitment, or coming to earth with it as part of your soul contract. Not all are chosen by the ascended master realms to carry their messages to the world.

Attributes of a Channel

Channeling is one of the many gifts of spirit, as it assists in unfolding spiritual growth. Many ask to become channels and everyone should ask for this gift, but not all are intended to channel for others. Your personal channeling will aid in learning to know yourself.

A great channel holds a deep desire to work within their higher light bodies and to serve as an instrument for the expression of the higher planes of consciousness. The spiritual channel does not seek personal acclaim. Moreover they feel deeply privileged to be part of the personal and planetary healing process. Often times the channel, oracle or medium will be told of other lifetimes when they also worked in this role.
Having clarity in channeling comes from your ability to reach a higher vibrational source and maintain clear contact. As you enter a deep state of relaxation or meditation, it brings the highest energies present for the session. If you are drinking alcohol or taking some medications that alter your consciousness, if you are stressed or have fatigue, or in fact any form of illness, this may cloud or mask the messages. Work only when you and your physical body are in excellent condition. I have been told by the ascended masters that sometimes the energy on the planet can also interfere with their messages.

You can achieve the best results by working with a group whose main goal is to grow spiritually and to become conduits of the energy of love and healing they receive. The ascended masters have told me group energy is very powerful, and can assist those individuals who are not as developed as some of the higher more developed initiates attending the same group. The more advanced students assist the classes and the newer students by raising the group frequency.

Light Language

I once thought that the master teacher I worked with was standing next to me, speaking to me. I was surprised when I was told she was standing there, but she was speaking in light language, and as a channel or in my case an oracle, the light language I receive is then filtered into information and language coming through my voice that I can understand. It comes from them in the purest form of energy and holds a unit of total awareness and understanding, which if seen, would look like light entering the channel’s aura. As the channels physical body, mind and vocal chords are expressing the message, it takes on an earthly form, so it can be understood. In the process of translating energy into words the message is inevitably altered to different degrees. This is when the length of time the person has worked with channeling and their level of initiation becomes quite important. Some oracles (such as myself), see or hear a stream of words coming into their minds along with pictures. Again, this is in a medium’s more developed stages.

Prepare yourself for your reading

If you allow someone to channel for you, let your instincts be your guide. Choose a positive person and make sure you feel comfortable and accepted by them. Have a focus for your session and ask the channel you desire a reading with, what is the nature of the work they do? And remember not all channels will bring through deceased loved ones. You should have a list of questions. You can ask others who have worked with this channel if they would recommend them. You may even begin by taking some classes with the channel and get a feel for them before scheduling a private reading.

When you decide to move ahead and make an appointment for a reading, ask permission to tape the session or ask if they provide a recording. A recording is always recommended, because you will hear many new things when you listen to the recording later on. And many times a reading is accompanied by a frequency of energy that can be experienced again and again just by listening to the recording, especially if the channel is working with ascended masters.

Some mediums who channel will only work with your soul records, so if you are going to ask questions about others, such as friends or relatives, inquire in advance if they can receive that information. Some ascended masters will not bring through information on another that is not at the reading, because it is an invasion of their free will.

You need not accept any statement that does not ring true to you; ask for more information if you don’t understand the answer. During a reading most channel’s minds are not present, or very little of it is, and the being speaking to you is not always clear in the translation. If it is clear, but does not make sense right now – simply put it aside and you can consider it later. Before I began to channel, I remember working with a woman whose information did not have meaning for me until many years later. Sometimes you will grow into your reading. So my best advice is as long as the energies sent to you are loving, suspend your judgmental mind during your session, have an open heart, and enjoy the opportunity to speak to regions beyond the veil.

During first sessions, channeling often serves its best purpose by spotlighting things you already knew about yourself, but are avoiding or denying. Spiritual channeling helps you deal with your fears, understand your options, and move you forward with renewed confidence. It brings to light your spiritual gifts and confirms your intuition. The reading is intended to give you the support you need to be your true self, which is divine. If hearing positive statements about yourself is uncomfortable, consider this insight – you need to work on self love. If you do not get a sense of inner confirmation about a statement, let it go or ask for it to be said in another way. The purpose of a reading is to bring a beneficial part of your spiritual life into focus. I have noticed in my work with new clients that in the first sessions those that are not as familiar with spiritual concepts ask questions specific to their lives. As they take classes and develop a spiritual interest, their sessions change. They begin to add questions about their own spiritual purpose and development. This also is guided by how well rounded they are on their spiritual journey and how ready they are to dig deep into their well of spiritual awakening. Remember, all questions are welcome as they are an integral part of your healing and becoming whole.

In Summary

Below is a sampling from the introduction my editor, Vera Lauren, wrote including quotes by Jesus from my upcoming book The Measure of Christ’s Love with the Christ that may further help you:

Jesus explains what occurs when he brings forth his work in this manner:

“When we speak through our messenger there is a piercing light that descends through the crown center and oversouls the physical form. It is how we utilize the voice to bring through our work onto this planet. Do not feel shame for believing I have the ability to speak through my messengers. This form of communication has always occurred. Many original biblical accounts were related in this way and in those days it was accepted as a means of communication by many.”

The way to measure a channeled teaching or any spiritual experience is to introspect and discern how the message leaves you feeling. Anything fear based is not from God. Spiritual teachings must always uplift you and ring of truth. Keep in mind, all channeled information is only as clear as the messenger and often shaded by their core beliefs.

The Christian Bible is a perfect example of this. Jesus confirms, “Some of the apostles had intentions to make changes for what they felt was for the good of humankind and took it upon themselves to change my teachings.” Unfortunately, many religions and some countries still use this methodology, becoming apoplectic toward anyone that dare disagree. As Jesus states, “It is a tragedy the misconstruing of my words brought about destruction, for that is not the way of love nor was it a part of the truth I embraced. We use many words to give you images to help support and deepen your understanding of things of divine nature. You do not have a corresponding language to fully comprehend the levels of mastery it takes to clearly experience your God Presence. Love, in its purest form, is the closest image and understanding that the human will grasp.”

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