How Can We Protect The Children From Psychic Assaults?

From the Christ Matrix® Kid’s Corner May 31, 2009

By Catherine Julian Dove and Vera Lauren of the Christ Matrix®
We are a spiritual community not a religious one.

christ-for-kidsAfter watching a TV program entitled, Psychic Kids, I found myself feeling very disturbed over the torment the children featured were experiencing. These children can come under the protection of groups of a hierarchy of Light offered by Christ that can assist them in protecting themselves and closing these doors of vision and sound frequencies, so their range is not attuned to lower vibrations. What upset me the most about the show is the adults were asking the children to open up to those earth bound souls, which is something you never want to do. Each time you communicate on that level, like an old vinyl record with a needle, you ingrain an imprint to that frequency that they exist on. These lower beings feed off of fear and innocence and they attach to the kids minds. Many times you can move, but the entity attaches to the child or person, not only to a place. What the children need to learn is to raise their vibration out of those regions, thereby closing those doors.

Early in my spiritual training, I attended classes by a local psychic who opened me up and left me unprotected to hear just about every sound out there. It took many years to overcome the trauma of what I experienced. I found out there were some well meaning people who thought they could help and those willing to take my money, but what I was experiencing was out of their league. I remember having to sleep with the radio on to drown out all the voices, and sitting for hours in a church thinking I would be safe there. It was not until years later, when I became deeply involved on a spiritual path and began to be visited by Mother Mary and later Jesus, that I gained control of the levels I was attuning to.

I found I had to make a heart to heart and mind to mind connection with those who existed on a higher plane. The Psychic realm is like a maze and once in it can take you to the regions of madness. Once that door is opened it is very difficult to close. However, I learned I could shift into a higher plane, which became a gift that can assist others. In a conversation with Archangel Michael, I learned many that are locked up in mental institutions have mistakenly opened a doorway into the lower astral plane, which is what these children are experiencing, and the doctors don’t understand or know how to close those doors. Putting these people on drugs only keeps them in these regions. There is nothing spiritual about making contact on this level. It is like tuning in an old AM radio and getting static for a time until you learn to dial into a clearer channel. Whether it is kids or adults, the answer is the same. They need a shift and they need to be involved with spiritual work that guides them into the higher realms.

Unfortunately, many times you will find that the churches have lost their power over these realms. The clergy, most of them, do not possess the level of light within to uplift another and bring them out of these regions. What they then teach is that the person or child seeking help does not have strong enough faith, causing them to feel even more frightened and less worthy of being remaining in the realms of light.

Here are some exercises: Children can begin to focus on a being of light, but it does not have to be a religious figure. They should work with a high level initiate that can see and hear the being they work with. I see Mother Mary, Christ, and many other divine beings that can assist through dispensations, also called blessings. We can hold the children in a protective grid called the Christ Matrix. This is a grid available to those who are working in their Christ or higher light bodies. There are many people who think they can help these innocents, but you need to be connected to high regions of light to close down these thresholds.

Urgent reform is needed: Encouraging these children, as some of these shows are doing, to face and engage these lost souls is the last thing a child or anyone else should be doing. Children should be taught to develop their gifts to serve the light, not to be a form of dark entertainment. These shows should work with the light not with the darkness. If you have a child who is open to the unseen worlds, bring them to a reputable teacher who is a high initiate. If a high ascended master is not appearing to or speaking to this teacher, then keep looking, we are out here.

After the show, I spoke to Christ and he would like to offer articles to assist these children and any others who are having these occurrences in their life.

This is what Christ has to say:

“That is an aspect of creation created by the Lords of Darkness. It is quite possible those grids may be cleared and the children can be developed and shown a way out of that level of frequency. There are vibrations attuned to lower levels of consciousness. Through the development of the light bodies, they could be taught to remove those entities. Thought Adjusters, a gift from the Father, can also assist them in blocking out those visions and that level of communication.”

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