Catherine Julian Dove

Catherine Julian Dove


Rev. Catherine Julian Dove

Messenger and Oracle for the Christ

At a childhood birthday party, I was running across the lawn playing when I ran into an invisible force that spoke to me. It said, “I have to leave you here now. You will know me again.” Then it separated from me. I felt alone, and at that moment I knew if I said something about this to anyone at the party they would never understand.

Years passed, and in 1983, I married my husband, John. Six months later, I saw an uncle who had passed away when I was about fourteen. That in itself was not strange because I had seen him and my grandmother several times since they had both passed on. At first, I would tell my mother these things, but she thought the spirits were trying to take me away. She told me not to speak to them anymore; consequently, I stopped telling her about my visions. However, in 1983, when I saw my uncle three nights in a row, it was different. On the third night I went to kiss him good-bye, and he turned and handed me a light. It was so bright that even in my dream state I had to turn away. I knew something was about to happen.

I began going to Metaphysical lectures and met new friends. This is when I met my sister friend and spiritual partner, Vera. New acquaintances told us about a woman, Orpheus Phylos, who was an unconscious channel for Archangel Michael, and was scheduled to speak at a local community college. We went to hear her, and at first, I felt Michael was speaking directly to me, but I found out later many of us felt the same way.

I took more classes and had a wonderful opportunity to have several private sessions with Archangel Michael. Before my first session, I was sitting in my condo when a big, blue ball of light came floating toward me and stopped in front of me, then floated around the room. For some unexplained reason, I felt it had something to do with my reading the next day. During the reading I was informed Archangel Michael is the blue ray and the light I had seen was indeed him. He told me by making an appointment I had given him permission to visit me and to see how he could help. I went to the reading with questions, but during the session I did not feel the need to ask any, for Archangel Michael already knew all that was in my heart. I did not understand much since I was a novice in this new world. He told me things would take time to unfold, and I clung to his words. I took many more classes, and had several more fascinating private sessions with Archangel Michael, channeled by Orpheus.

After a while, Mother Mary appeared to me with Saint Theresa, and it was a wonderful experience. I worked with them for a number of years, and it was around this time Mother Mary asked if Jesus could come and talk to me too. Mother Mary also took me many other places, and once we went on the spiritual planes to see Saint Bernadette and I was able to speak to her. In the beginning, I did not understand many things, like initiations or receiving gifts from Mother Mary and from other teachers.

Life became very busy for me, and I must have fallen out of the vibration of being able to consciously do much with Mother Mary. My husband had various unsettling changes in his career, and eventually my parents came to live with us for a while. I would hear or see Jesus from time to time, but I thought that part of my life was over and it had just been a short-lived gift, although I remained devotional.

We moved to San Antonio, Texas, and with many of the family issues behind me, I moved to a new level of communication with my beloved teachers. In San Antonio there is a replica of Our Lady of Lourdes where Mother Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette. It is known as the Grotto of the Southwest. I began to attend Mass there, and would feel the same way I usually felt when I spoke daily with Mother Mary. It was easy for me to once again open myself up to her and to Jesus, but this experience was different. She began giving me messages for friends and allowing them to ask her questions. This never happened before. (Occasionally in the past a family member would ask me to pray for them. As I started praying, Mary would come in and I would tell them what she said.) It started out with one friend, then another, and it kept growing. Almost immediately, Jesus and Mary were having conversations with my friends, assisting them with their paths and life purposes. Soon, other masters asked to speak to the group. Other than a very early experience involving Vera, this is how it all began.

Originally, I thought my relationship with Mother Mary, Jesus, and the many ascended masters were only for my group of students and me, but since then I have numerous initiates. I am now told to share my experiences, for the time of ascension is here.

Catherine graduated with honors from Heald College in San Jose, California, in computer programming. Catherine is an animal lover and has had dogs and numerous cats at any given time. She is also an animal communicator, and every so often will anonymously contact the “parent” of a missing animal to offer some tips to find their beloved pet. Catherine never accepts a financial reward, because she feels the peace of mind of reuniting loved ones is payment enough.

Catherine ascended on March 19, 2010 comforted by the knowledge the Office of the Christ’s work will continue to raise consciousness in the hands of her dear sister friend Vera Lauren. The master’s hand-picked Vera Lauren and groomed her to take over the reins. In her final days, Catherine helped further prepare Vera for this honorable role. Catherine left Vera with an enormous reserve of her channelings combined with Vera’s knowledgeable background, channeling, writing and editing skills, readers will be thrilled to know there are many, many teachings soon to come. Since Jesus is the author, through his oracle, Catherine Julian Dove, rest assured all future books using Catherine’s prolific channelings from Jesus, will be written by his messenger, Vera Lauren, in the exact style, integrity, and moral high bar as the first book.