Can I Learn To Channel?

How can I ensure my best guidance?

by Catherine Julian Dove and Vera Lauren © 2009 Christ Matrix

capstoneYour guidance is there to offer you purer energy which we receive as loving healing energy, as well as valuable insight from a higher unique perspective. Accessing higher dimensions and those who dwell in these regions is intended to strengthen your personality to your divine soul which helps you flow with life and find purpose. With a strong desire to spiritually grow and to know your true self, you can come to know your guidance in a deep and profound way.

I was not looking to become a channel, yet many ask me how I became one. This is an interesting topic and it would take more then an article for me to explain to you all I have learned about this subject, but this is a good beginning to get you on your way. I must mention that not everyone is intended to be a channel to others. However you may be able to recognize that you are able to receive messages from your inner guidance.
I was on a spiritual path and desired to awaken and this desire opened doors which moved my consciousness beyond earth. I would pray all the time. In late 1989, Mother Mary began to appear to me. Before this, I had attended mediation groups and actually did communicate with several spirit guides, but I did not consider this to be channeling. It was actually frustrating. I would ask a question and they might or might not answer. It was not anything I could count on. When Mother Mary began speaking to me things moved fast. At first, Mother Mary took me to places on what is referred to as the inner planes by the means of soul travel. We visited saints and masters from other planets, and she told me they assisted earth. Due to personal situations, there were several years spent working with Mother Mary and the ascended masters solely for myself, before actually channeling them for the public.

The masters suggest students seek out groups who share a like interest, especially if they are a beginner to the spiritual path. You can even practice getting messages for one another. My teachers tell our students to begin to journal. You may be surprised at how much information is already coming to you that you are not paying attention to. You will need to make time for solitude and learn techniques to quiet the mind, such as meditation. One mistake I made is when I joined a psychic group. The woman channeled a spirit guide who was not able to protect those that were opening up, and she did not teach her students the importance of intention. They began their studies with subjects like, “How to contact your spirit guide.” In my case, once I made contact I really did not know what I wanted to gain from the experience. Getting out of the body was easy for me and there were many beings out there just waiting for an innocent to be wide open. An archangel said I was saying, “Is anyone out there?” He asked me, “Does it ever occur to you that you may find someone else in another dimension also asking: “Is anyone out there?” And what do you hope to learn from a situation like that?” It really made me stop and think. The point of me sharing this experience with you is to show the need to be clear with your intentions. Always ask: who you are speaking to (or request a master), what you expect to learn from them, and that your connection will always be with someone holding similar proper intentions.

Create a sacred space. Christ told me if you sit in the same place while writing or mediating, they will create a vortex around that area. This will help hold the highest and purest of energies, which will benefit your time with them.

Breathe deeply. When you are making contact, you should learn to breathe deeply. This will give the busy mind something to do. It will also clear the energy in your aura, balance the chakras, and help to create your sacred space. As you connect, you may begin to feel gently nurturing energies moving close to you. If you feel anything less than love, or if you are uncomfortable in any way, ask the energy to leave immediately. Then go back and work on self-love issues and your intentions, also focus on bringing in more white light. Let go of any fear and understand you have complete control over what you allow into your energy field. Call in your Higher Self once more and ask it to send the proper guidance that will show you respect and honor this sacred contract being created.
Making contact. To strengthen your connection with your guidance, you can simply acknowledge their presence in your life. When you are relaxed, comfortable, and your mind is clear, start to telepathically call out to your spirit guide, to your ascended master teacher, and always to your I Am Presence, inviting them into your sacred space. Trust they hear you. Too many get into trouble because they ignore the immense power of their own divine nature to welcome the guidance into their inner world and work with it in the form of their Higher Self or I Am Presence. Spirit is always responding, it is we who are learning to listen. They may communicate by a vision, sometimes by words, or a feeling of knowing. The way they communicate is dependent upon the amount of practice you put into the process and your level of initiation. Seek enlightenment to be awakened to your divine nature and you will develop along a beautiful path. Most important, always remember to include God.

In your minds eye, begin to see those called coming toward you. When you feel their presence – imagine a beam of light beginning to radiate from your guidance to you and ask for assistance in opening your heart so the light passes through feelings of love. You may even feel the energy flowing both ways from their heart to yours, and back to them. Most often, I was told the channel opens to the heart first and the message the student receives is one of love and support. As you advance with expanding the heart flames, you can then ask if it is a good time for them to send light to your third eye. As the spiritual heart flames ignite, and the energy is flowing strongly, and the spiritual heart is expanding, you may begin noticing or sensing light radiating from your teachers to your third eye. You want to be cleared and sealed before opening your third eye, so what you see is pure images of a divine nature and not a portal into a lower astral region. You may want to ask your guidance for their assistance in helping you strengthen the telepathic communication link with them and with your Higher Self, before the third eye is opened.

Intentions. When you feel you are working with a being of high intention, ask them what they have to teach that would benefit you and the world you live in. With proper intention there is nothing to fear. Feel the loving energy coming from your guidance. There is absolutely no harm that can come to you in allowing your guidance to come close, as most have been with you from birth. In the pure regions of spirit they desire to make the connection to assist those on earth. True guides always come in with a tremendous loving energy. They should always make you feel comfortable, soothed, and uplifted. I attended a workshop and recall the time when a women’s guide insisted he wanted to speak and disrupt the workshop. The woman sat in the corner crying, because the speaker would not give her center stage. I can tell you with certainty, that was not anyone’s spirit guide or any being holding light.

If you are a beginner, you might work with a teacher from a previous life. They may only be in the mid to high 4th dimension, as some guides are. Some may insist you work with them as they feel that what they have to teach you is of the utmost importance and want to interrupt your day. Again, these are all warning signs. Anyone who wants to work with you from the higher spheres will show you the utmost respect and patience.

Your guidance is there to offer you loving healing energy, as well as valuable insight from their unique perspective which is much higher then yours. Accessing higher dimensions and those who dwell in these regions is intended to strengthen your personality develop into its divine soul. This assistance helps you flow with life more.

One of the hardest things for some beginners is to know what questions to ask. You could start with minor questions concerning friends’ problems, large world issues, and so forth. For more ideas, look through books and other writings and do not hesitate to ask questions on what you wish to learn more about. In the beginning, only ask questions you do not feel emotional about, so that you may remain detached. Most channels will tell you when it comes to their own issues, it gets trying at times. My guides overcame this by speaking to me in their own voice when I wake up, this way I am positive it did not come from inside of me.

With a strong desire to spiritually grow and to know your true self, you can come to know your guidance in a deep and profound way. In these chaotic times, taking a moment to connect with your spirit can give you the reassurance you need. Even if you do not have a specific question, connecting with your spirit brings you balance, healing energy and energize you.

Write notes, or begin speaking into a tape recorder exactly what you are feeling about the messages you are receiving. For some, you may experience your voice change slightly or your writing change, do not be alarmed as this is quite normal when practicing channeling. You will want to track these changes in your journal as well.

There are a number of flames in your spiritual heart that, over time, an awakened initiate learns to use to expand their light and the regions of light that they can communicate with. Most do not realize that while there are many ascended masters around, it is by your dedication to a spiritual path that you are invited to work with them. A high master from the inner planes once told me that in some dimensions students sit outside an ascended master’s ashram praying and mediating, hoping to be chosen as an initiate for that particular master. She told me some chose to come back into an earth life because the ascended masters are more available to initiates here, than on some of the inner regions.

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