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“There is only one reason, one way to live, and that is to live in God…

It is what I came to express to humankind. Many work very hard on earth;

yet there are very few who experience the true measure of love God

desires all of you to experience” ~Jesus the Christ


The Measure of Christ’s Love

 Jesus reveals scriptural secrets & clarifies misinterpretated teachings

Through his Messenger Catherine Julian Dove and Scholar and Contemporary Master Vera Lauren

These are the first books in our secular series, The Measure of Christ’s Love, Part 1 of 2 and Part 2 of 2,  illuminates major misconceptions about the traditional Christian interpretations of Jesus’s life and teachings.  It will forever change the way you view his early embodiment and on-going, current celestial mission. In the first books, these incredible sacred channeled teachings (from over 600 pounds worth of material) are being made public.

“This book is likened to a modern day “A Course in Miracles” states Vera, the editor, contributor, compiler and appointed spokesperson by Jesus to spearhead his vision for the book. Before beloved oracle, Catherine Julian Dove, left the earthly plane Jesus honored Vera Lauren, Catherine’s closest friend and confidant, with the divine privilege to carry forth the sacred messages, many of which have never before been revealed.

As the lineage bearer of Dove’s divine mission she shares, “We wanted as many people as possible to fully understand the opportunity to become a “Christ “on earth.  According to Jesus, the title “Christ” is a symbolic concept of the divine potential within all of us.

The Measure of Christ’s Love appeals to anyone who has an affinity towards the “non-religious” or non-secular Jesus or what is often referred to as the “Cosmic Christ”.  It offers a refreshing message that is hopeful, practical and all-inclusive. The book demystifies traditional biblical interpretations of the life of Christ and uncovers hidden truths including:

  • His real childhood and “missing years”.
  • How his martyrdom would create a “shift in consciousness” and was his “choice”.
  • Why he did not “die for our sins” and his true role as Savior/ redeemer.
  • The true meaning of the “Second Coming”
  • The seal of Abraham, a passage of light and activation for souls who seek to be “chosen”.
  • Why the color of one’s skin or their faith is not the enemy, but how judgment is the true enemy.
  • The concept of the I AM Presence, Holy Spirit, Divine Blueprint and Oversoul.
  • What truly happens when we “pray”.
  • Guidelines for self-mastery and finding one’s purpose, along with many conscious-raising techniques.

“The purpose of this teaching is to anchor light to the world by bringing forth the divine intentions of Jesus’ extraordinary life, and to explicate the true meaning behind his messages, and to set the record straight,” shares Vera.

The book also includes an extensive glossary, and in the chapter, Frequently Asked Questions, Jesus addresses many of life’s most plaguing mysteries such as creationism versus evolution, reincarnation, and more.

The Measure of Christ’s Love sounds a wake up call for humanity that is vital for our evolution. These teachings will resonate at the deepest core of your essence as it offers profound pearls of wisdom direct from the heart of a benevolent ascended master who reminds us, “My love is without measure.”



Catherine Julian Dove, Messenger for the Christ

At a childhood birthday party, I was running across the lawn playing when I ran into an invisible force that spoke to me. It said, “I have to leave you here now. You will know me again.” Then it separated from me. I felt alone and at that moment I knew if I said something about this to anyone at the party they would never understand.

Years passed and in 1983, I married my husband, John. Six months later, I saw an uncle who had passed away when I was about fourteen. That was not strange because I had seen him and my grandmother several times since they had both passed on. At first, I would tell my mother these things, but she thought the spirits were trying to take me away. She told me not to speak to them anymore, so I stopped telling her about my visions. However, in 1983, when I saw my uncle three nights in a row, it was different. On the third night, I went to kiss him good-bye and he turned and handed me a light. It was so bright that even in my dream state I had to turn away. I knew something was about to happen.

I began going to Metaphysical lectures and met new friends. This is when I met my sister friend, and spiritual partner, Vera. New acquaintances told us about a woman, Orpheus Phylos, who was an unconscious channel for Archangel Michael and was scheduled to speak at a local community college. We went to hear her and at first, I felt Michael was speaking directly to me, but I found out later Vera and many others felt the same way.

I took more classes and had a wonderful opportunity to have several private sessions with Archangel Michael through Orpheus. Before my first session, I was sitting in my condo when a big, blue ball of light came floating toward me and stopped in front of me, then floated around the room. For some unexplained reason, I felt it had something to do with my reading the next day. During the reading, I was informed Archangel Michael is the blue ray and the light I had seen was indeed him. He told me by making an appointment, I had given him permission to visit me and to see how he could help. I went to the reading with questions, but during the session I did not feel the need to ask any, for Archangel Michael already knew all that was in my heart. I did not understand much since I was a novice in this new world. He told me things would take time to unfold and I clung to his words. I took many more classes and had several more fascinating private sessions with Archangel Michael, channeled by Orpheus.

After a while, Mother Mary appeared to me with Saint Theresa, and it was a wonderful experience. I worked with them for a number of years, and it was around this time Mother Mary asked if Jesus could come and talk to me too. Mother Mary also took me many other places, and once we went on the spiritual planes to see Saint Bernadette and I spoke with her. In the beginning, I did not understand many things, like initiations or receiving gifts from Mother Mary and other teachers.

Life became very busy for me and I must have fallen out of the vibration of being able to consciously do much with Mother Mary. My husband had various unsettling changes in his career and eventually my parents came to live with us for a while. I would hear or see Jesus from time to time, but I thought that part of my life was over and it had just been a short-lived gift, although I remained devotional. We moved to San Antonio, Texas and with many of the family issues behind me, I moved to a new level of communication with my beloved teachers. In San Antonio, there is a replica of Our Lady of Lourdes where Mother Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette. It is known as the Grotto of the Southwest. I began to attend Mass there and would feel the same way I usually felt when I spoke daily with Mother Mary. It was easy for me to once again open myself up to her and to Jesus, but these experiences were different. She began giving me messages for friends and allowing them to ask her questions, this never happened before. (Occasionally, in the past a family member would ask me to pray for them. As I started praying, Mary would come in and I would tell them what she said.) It started out with one friend, then another, and kept growing. Almost immediately, Jesus and Mary were having conversations with my friends, assisting them with their path and life purpose. Soon, other masters asked to speak to the group. Other than a very early experience involving Vera and her beloved relative, Irene, this is how it all began.

(Vera’s comment: Jesus said, a high-level channel, such as Catherine, only comes around every 250 years or so if that.)

Originally, I thought my relationships with Mother Mary, Jesus, and the many ascended masters were only for my group of students and me, but since then I have numerous initiates. I am now told to share my experiences, for the time of ascension is here.

Catherine graduated with honors from Heald College in San Jose, California, in computer programming. Catherine is a big animal lover, and has had dogs and numerous cats at any given time. She is also an animal communicator and every so often will anonymously contact the parent of a missing animal to offer some tips to find their beloved pet. Catherine never accepts a financial reward because she feels the peace of mind of reuniting loved ones is payment enough.

Vera Lauren, A contemporary master and scholar

Catherine’s longtime friend, is a highly intuitive channel with an awakened spirit who is a writer, editor, and compiled all the books. She was appointed by the Office of the Christ to be the president and spokesperson for the Christ Matrix. Vera is an inspirational and empowered emotional healer, and compassionate communicator; selflessly living her life in service. Ms. Lauren perpetually contributes to the planetary ascension process and truly lives as an example of her philosophies of higher consciousness. She is a straightforward and loving spiritual counselor and continues to be blessed by visions from many masters.

Early on, Jesus informed us Vera’s heart is as light as a feather and she had earned the title of master and on the other side walks shoulder to shoulder with many of her former master teachers. She is humble about using the title, even though Jesus explained it simply means Vera reached a certain level of consciousness and accumulated qualified light. Vera has two areas of spiritual expertise: healing and death and she is affectionately referred to as the Grand Reaper. Besides being a spiritual scholar, a channel, and an animal communicator, Ms. Lauren is a writer, editor, motivational speaker, spiritual and grief consultant, and emotional healer—Archangel Michael was the first to inform Vera about her natural emotional healing abilities. Vera was formally initiated in the holy Healing Order of the Blue Rose and considers herself more of a conduit for healing believing “Source is the only true healer.” She takes none of the credit, and asserts, “Your body has a separate consciousness, so your body is your mind in action because your mind controls your emotions.”

Vera has formal spiritual training and numerous certifications in various modalities of healing, Feng Shui, and Chinese medicine having continued studies in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bali. Intuition and experiential opportunities through actual events and meditation all inform her personal philosophies.

Vera expressed, Earth’s tough classroom and the people agreeing to show up in her life are her greatest teachers. Vera’s fondest early memories are of Mother Mary teaching her to tie her shoes and sitting on her sainted mother’s lap, endlessly talking about God and the saints. And Vera always had an inner knowing she lived before. The youngest of eleven, she remembers her mother reading the Christian Bible during dinner, but many of the stories did not always settle right with Vera. At age six, she was already questioning religious teachings not resonating to a Loving God. She was always passionate about spirituality and was chosen to teach Catechism at the early age of twelve, but after about a year was dismissed for teaching free thought, a term she did not understand at the time. She affirms, “With a balanced mind and an open heart you will come to understand that there is no conflict between science and spirituality. The pure fundamental nature of spiritual teachings is scientific as are the techniques, such as meditation and prayer.” She goes on to say, “Science has proven everything is energy and nothing dies; energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form.” Vera’s communications and visions of Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, other ascended masters, and saints is on-going. She also remains close to Archangel Michael whom appeared before her and continues his loving guidance and support. Through her beloved soul sister, Catherine, the Office of the Christ and Jesus asked Vera to collaborate on these valuable sacred offerings. “Partnering with the Christ and Catherine is a gift, a privilege, and an honor I was unknowingly preparing for during this life as well as my many former lives; however, I am astounded by the incredible life-altering and often profound spiritual experiences and lessons that continue to take place during this process.” Vera believes she was called upon to do this work in service, which explains why she had to go through a great deal to reach this level of consciousness. She freely speaks of her many humbling missteps, “Like everyone else, I mess up because I am a work in progress; however, I intend to always do better. The masters suggest, we do not beat ourselves up or dwell on our mishaps—where attention goes energy flows; rather, focus on your good qualities and that energy will contribute to their expansion.” Vera loves serving by sharing spiritual techniques and philosophies she has cultivated to assist others in achieving a similar frequency of peaceful awareness, while balancing everyday trials: “My intentions are to empower people to be independent, not dependent on anyone or anything outside of themselves, believing Spirit is within all of us—albeit this Consciousness is dormant in some. Often, what we think we already know is what will stifle growth. Only be satisfied when you have a direct, personal experience with God. Do not teach your children to fear Him, for God is incapable of anger or hate and does not want us to suffer. If a teaching is not loving than it is not from God. And be ever conscious of not contributing more negativity to this world and mindful of those you align with. I am not on a mission to convince anyone of anything and I do not wear labels, religious or political. I refuse to impose my philosophies nor make them the law for others. Intentions, how you treat others, including animals, and what you contribute to this dimension are what truly matters. Two of my sayings are, “when you step up, spirit steps in” and “marinate in gratitude” —for even the tiniest blessings and you will find joyful contentment and perhaps bliss.”

Vera Lauren graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Haven, Connecticut. The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute granted her a scholarship in both New York and Los Angeles. She has credits in theatre, film, radio, and television. She especially enjoyed her experiences as a producer and as a talk show host in several metaphysical films and as co-host for the radio show, Dialogues with the Ascended Masters. Vera also consults on films with spiritual or paranormal content. She was affiliated with a prominent hospital in Redwood City, California, as their first, and only non-denominational minister where she also served, along with her therapy dogs, for nearly a decade as a volunteer hospice caregiver and grievance counselor. Vera is the Christ Matrix® President and Spokesperson, an initiate of the Healing Order of the Blue Rose, a disciple of Christ, and is ordained. Vera is Vegan and an animal advocate, — she, and her husband, Walt, rescue many special needs, elderly, and abused animals. She is a lifelong activist; writing and publicly speaking on a variety of causes including genocide and modern-day slavery. Vera is available for spiritual counseling, healings, lectures, and workshops.


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