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If you enjoyed a Course in Miracles, and Conversations With God, you will find value in The Measure of Christ’s Love, as it in the same genre. This book is the first in a series of sacred teachings through the Christ Matrix® containing information, and concepts never before revealed as well as conscious raising tools. Catherine is an oracle conveying Jesus’ message of unconditional love, and mercy to the world. According to Jesus, an Oracle like Catherine only comes to this planet every 250 years or so if that. The Measure of Christ’s Love brings forth the divine intentions of Jesus, and the meaning behind his teachings, clarifying major misinterpretations, and offering highlights of Jesus’ extraordinary life, from infancy to his final hours. His answers will forever change your view as Biblical mysteries are unveiled in a clear, practical, non-dogmatic, and authentic format, as these ancient teachings are brought in to the reasoning of the modern world. Exactly how does he account for the so-called missing years? Why did he speak in parables, and what is the connecting thread sewn through the fabric of all of his messages? Jesus addresses all of this, and more as he answers many of life’s most plaguing queries. If you ever questioned Christ’s love, embark on this journey with him through his oracle,  Catherine Julian Dove, and messenger, Vera Lauren, then your spiritual awareness will be heightened as you explore and access the Christ within.


ARE YOU AWARE? In January 2017, against an alleged backdrop of corruption, and greed, the Christian book publisher, Tate Publishing, shut down without notifying many of their authors? Allegedly, Tate went bankrupt. Tate is accused of allegedly stealing the royalties from thousands of authors, and holding their print ready cd book versions ransom. To retrieve the cd requires a payment of $50.00, plus authors must sign an agreement never to legally come after Tate. Sadly, many authors are finding their books were never copyrighted even though that was part of their deal.

The irony is in Tate’s mission statement he puts out something to the effect that the Spirit of God leads him, and his family.

Tate is a professional con, and played on the author’s emotions.Think about it. Publishing a book, especially for the first time, is often compared to a birthing experience; however, it takes years to produce. First time authors have a hard time getting noticed; it is a catch 22. Most big publishing houses will not even look at your manuscript unless you have an agent. And agents usually won’t take you on unless you have a name or a brand. The same holds true with PR firms. One expensive experience with a PR/marketing team I had ended when, after taking my money, I was told they could not meet my goals we set (together) because I was not a known author! If I were why would I need them?

Another consideration: Contrary to what the majority believe, authors usually cannot make a living by writing, and the reason has little to do with talent. You see, most authors write in their spare time after they’ve put the kids to bed or worked a double shift at the hospital. Or a senior on a fixed income could have saved for years to fulfill their dream of becoming published then innocently handed over thousands of dollars to Tate. Others made personal sacrifices in order to serve humanity by telling their stories with the intentions to shield someone else from making the same mistake or to direct them on a different path. And there are those whose main purpose is in service to humanity by contributing to raising the bar to a higher consciousness.These very real possibilities make the whole Tate mess even more egregious.

Why we signed with Tate Publishing: Our story is unique in that our work is channeled, like much of the original Christian Bible, and my partner, Catherine Julian Dove, is now deceased. The fast forward is, the highly respected agent, Bill Gladstone, of Waterside Productions, was a fan of my work. Therefore, years ago, Bill signed Catherine, and I, twice—long story. However, when it came time to publish, Jesus wanted to reach Christians, so Catherine suggested we go with Tate Publishing. I argued against Tate because I did not care for his energy or the company, but over a third of our followers are Christians, so reluctantly, I agreed. Besides, you don’t tug on superman’s cape, lol. Bill graciously released us a second time.

At that juncture, my focus was to get the work out, so Catherine took care of the legal contracts. I did not learn about the financial particulars until Catherine’s passing, which was just as we were publishing. I did stand up to Tate on many, many, occasions, but they had me on a legal technicality. Also, so much had been invested financially, and we would lose everything if we broke contract.

Going to print: I am an author, ghostwriter, and editor, so it killed me when Tate’s peeps would not give me just 2 more hours to make my final corrections before going to print, and threatened a 10 month delay in my launch date. They sent our book to the “printer” knowing there were necessary changes, but it was all about pirating money to Tate, and his minions. (Not until recently did we learn Tate did not print many of our books, which makes their rushing me even more confusing, I address this later.) The good news is none of my pending edits were about concepts, all had to do with grammar or punctuation. Still…

We wanted our book to reach the masses so we priced it at around $12. Tate rejected that, and then firmly set the price at $23.99. We got to split $1.46 in royalties, while Tate made about 5 times that off of us! So pathetic! Catherine’s widow, and I made around $96 each in royalties after paying Tate nearly $4,000, plus hidden costs. Never saw a dime more in royalties after the first year, but they kept pushing me to pay for more services as well as send them the next books in our series, which, thank God, I never agreed to.

After comparing notes with other Ex-Taters, I discovered Tate actually had an M.O.; every story has a similar pattern. Tate promised the whole package every author dreams about; marketing, PR, audio versions of our books, a book trailer video, book signing events, placement in major book chains such as Barnes & Noble, and Christian book stores. The reality, Tate’s staff never truly helped with editing, marketing, PR, book signings or any aspect of this process. Going through the production phase was a nightmare with the constant shifting of employees assigned. It always seemed as though the right hand didn’t know what the left was doing. But you soldier on keeping your eye on the golden ring—seeing your work in print, and getting exposure.Yes, we got lip service, and if you were a squeaky wheel you may have been handed a few concessions, but basically there was zero follow through. Remember, for Catherine, and I, the whole reason for going with Tate was to get in Christian book stores. We never got in one single Christian store! A different story from what they initially promised. To be clear, our book was never rejected by any Christian stores, Tate simply never promoted us or approached those markets. After finding that out, I crusaded my case with Tate, but no matter how much I pushed, I got the run-around; very frustrating. We did get on, but that is only because, unbeknownst to many of the authors, Tate was allegedly publishing through Createspace, which is owned by Amazon. One can postulate, was Tate just a middleman, a thief, robbing money from innocent, hardworking, authors? Once again, it is a head scratcher as to why they’d rush our book? Was there a quota or did I bore the employee assigned to working with me? At this point, it is all conjecture.

If all of this weren’t enough, Tate’s team convinced us to purchase 100’s of copies of our book for personal distribution. I found out later never to do that because in order to count toward your book’s ranking it must go through a cash register. I ended up putting those books in the trunk of my car, and driving all over the state of California to niche stores in an effort to have them sell my book. Most only agreed on a consignment basis. I kept phoning Tate’s offices for support, but continually got the run-around. One day, I walked into a small beach town book store, and the owner gave me good advice. She said, book store owners do not have the time to vet every book. Apply to New Leaf Distributers, which is the distributor king for your genre. When store owners see you are listed with them they will immediately accept your book. I was concerned because I was really financially strapped, and New Leaf has a non-refundable fee. Also, after submitting our book to New Leaf, I was very worried about timing because they told me it usually takes months before they get back to you. Thank God, it only took them 3 weeks with The Measure of Christ’s Love. So after a challenging publishing journey it was very rewarding when New Leaf told us The Measure of Christ’s Love is the most authentic sacred teachings to come across their desks in over 30 years. New Leaf put MCL up there with A Course in Miracles. Alleluia!

The obvious question: Why did the masters allow this to happen to their work?

First, even though you are a channel spirit does not take your lessons away. In our case, we are told that the books did reach the individuals Jesus intended, and it has made a big impact on them. I have learned that success to me is not measured the same in the higher dimensions. I often joke, that if our work reaches the 2 people Jesus targeted that is success to him.

Fast forward to Tate’s fall: After learning about Tate’s alleged criminal behavior, I was accepted in a Facebook group of Ex-Tate publishers.

Then the unexpected happened: One of the ex Tate authors, Guido Kees, started a private Facebook page to share our experiences, and I was accepted as a member. I was quite taken by the amount of loving support. Truly, everyone stepped up, offering suggestions ranging from how to retrieve their work from Tate to where to go from here to republish. There are numerous postings of support, and new bonds formed.

For me, the recovery process really has a beautiful energy. I pay tribute to the Ex-Taters! I am humbled by their loving energy, and generosity. As always, I remained in a grateful state for the tiniest blessings, and I can honestly say this experience is most rewarding. I am blessed with new friendships, enriching opportunities, and valuable technical advice for effectively using social media for marketing—for free.

Letting go, and moving on: By the way, I hold no bitterness for Tate, and do forgive all associated with this alleged crime. That is effortless for me to do since I have a naturally loving nature, and it would take too much energy for me to be negative, but I am empathetic for my fellow authors. My suggestion is to never allow negative energy or fear to block flow. I am choosing to learn my lessons, and move on. Besides, karma is the great equalizer. I continue to write, and will never be deterred. After all, these sacred teaching aren’t really mine, they belong to humanity; I am just honored to be the guardian of the Christ Matrix’s sacred teachings. I agree with science, that everything is energy, so I am glad to be free of Tate’s negative energy. I now see our work soaring, and landing in the hands of those ready to open their hearts, and minds.

I am also blessed with a loving husband, Walt, and we rescue animals–the elderly, and special needs fur babies no one wants. I volunteer with 3 organizations, and work toward abolishing human trafficking. As  a minister, and healer, I do  spiritual counseling, and work with many suicide cases, so my plate is overflowing. I do send loving healing energy to Tate, and his associates to help raise their consciousness. I will turn lemons into lemonade, and perhaps some of us will have a light shined on our work as a result of successfully navigating the rocky waters on this journey to freedom, and higher consciousness.  I know, once I reach the shore, I will be fine. In the meantime, I’m still 🏊 swimming…

The Aftermath, and a happy new beginning: After submitting this story, I received an enormous blessing. I am proud to share, Bill Gladstone of Waterside Productions is now my agent. Bill sent me a fee free contract, even though he is not accepting new authors at this time unless their previous book has sold a minimum of ten thousand copies or  they have  social media outreach of at least a million people. However, Waterfront Digital Press will work with new authors and those with more modest track records with previous book sales. Go to Shameless bragging, some of Bill’s authors are Eckhart Tolle, most known for his books, The Power of Now, and A New Earth; The Chicken Soup for the Soul guys; Neale Donald Walsch, of the Conversations With God series, and Dr. Barbara DeAngelis.

One more thing, not only did I turn lemons into lemonade with my consistent positive attitude, I own a lemon orchard with 100 trees!

Thank you dear Heather, for this opportunity, this blessing, to share our stories of triumph. Our All Loving God’s blessings are limitless, and a reminder to be vessels of radiant love.



A child dying before the parents should be against the Universal law. These are some thoughts I imagine all parents who have lost children may be thinking. After loosing our son and a daughter estranged I took the liberty to write it in first person for all parents to God.

                                                                                     By Rev. Vera Lauren

Yesterday, I held a tiny infant in my arms. Nothing else mattered. Where is everyone going in such a hurry? Don’t they know my baby was born today? I just want to cry out to them all, hey come look at my baby. Thank you God, I love you.

I remember being filled with such joy at the miracle of it all. The usual expectations of a new parent flashed through my mind. I couldn’t wait for him/her to grow up. I saw us playing together and I wondered where he/she would go to college. I imagined myself growing old and watching him/her with a family of his/her own and wondered if he/she would give me grandchildren some day.

Life went on and things didn’t always work out the way I imagined on that day. Oh my dear (name of loved one), who knew you would be one of my most difficult but greatest teachers. One thing you taught me is I am totally capable of unconditional love.

Today, I held my boy/girl in my arms. Nothing else mattered. Hey, where is everyone going in such a hurry? Don’t they know my boy/girl died today? I just want to cry out to them all, hey come look at my boy/girl. I hate you God.

I can’t believe my boy/girl is gone, dead.  Just saying the word dead is surreal.  I just want to stay under the covers where I host my private pity party. I entertain myself with a mix of tears and laughter. I don’t care about going to work or paying the bills.

 Tomorrow is a blur. My arms are empty. Where has everyone gone? I just want to cry out, but I can’t because I’m all cried out. I’m still mad at God, although I don’t really hate Him.

I do believe, not all, but some things happen for a reason and the God I know is a loving, compassionate, and supportive energy of Love. Although, I will never understand this tragic loss I believe (name of loved one),  had a say in his/her departure and this is what he/she agreed was best. Mentally, I know this. Although, my selfish mind still doesn’t want to hear it. For now all I can think about is my loved one and me. And that’s okay. My personal philosophy is that the number one rule for grieving is there are no rules. I also believe you never get over the loss of a loved one you just learn to cope.

(name of loved one), I didn’t always do everything right, but I did the best I knew at the time. I know you (name of loved one) know this now. Our kids are only on loan to us from God and it was time for you to go home. Thank you for the time we did share. Reluctantly I give you back.

Dear God, Take my tears and string them as crystal Lights for (name of loved one),

to find his/her way home, from my arms to your arms.

Take my empty heart and fill it with understanding.

Take my darkness and pain and fill me with love.

Take my angry mind and fill it with wisdom.

…And (name of loved one),  , this is not THE END

of your story;  instead, we’ll just write, TO BE CONTINUED

Jesus had a wife controversy

In the news a Harvard woman has possession of a payrus where Jesus mentions his wife. Look, even if it is authentic, Jesus was not married and did not take a wife in the sense this article is being presented. What Jesus was referring to is the Christos. Here is an abridged excerpt from our channeled book, The Measure of Christ’s Love, that sets the record straight:

When you pray with me, I come before you as the bridegroom;

for this is the promise I left behind. In this alignment, with me as the

bridegroom, you receive the blessing of an outpouring of golden light that holds

the Christ mind. As you enter this pattern of light energy you

become wed to the Christ, which is an Oversoul.

You do not actually marry the personality

of the man Jesus, although I have allowed myself to be

portrayed in this manner during this earth cycle, because the

full doctrine of how one receives the Mantle of the Christ was

not passed on to humankind. This is all part of the redemption

I offer as an awakening to my brothers and sisters. I have

the full power of the Godhead to instruct on earth, and be the

representative of the Father’s love, and forgiveness. I am proud

to say, I am not the only representative of the Father that has

visited the human race, and even though other agents of God

have come to earth many times, they are not always recognized.

For more information on this very topic and much more read,

The Measure of Christ’s Love, By Catherine Julian Dove & Vera Lauren.


Understanding of these issues will not come from boringly pedantic or moralistic philosopher’s promulgations debating compatibilism vs. determinism that has roots to ancient Greek philosophers. Neurophilosophers may be able to shed some enlightenment on the fundamental ontological studies, the most general branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature of being; however, for most of us, going within is ultimately where all answers are accessed. It is not about accumulating thoughts, but uncluttering. Resistance stops growth. When the mind identifies with something it becomes attached and possessive. This mis-identification, especially the personalization, is what asphyxiates us. When you think about it, attachment, even to a specific philosophy or religion, is ridiculous, simply put, your floor is someone else’s ceiling.
Imagine living in a world where everything is preordained. One would hope God’s scrupulous providence would be more harmonious. Then again, one would have to believe there is a Source, if you do then you may agree God is behind every breath and nothing is ever forced upon us; therefore, our thoughts, deeds and actions, including incarnations, are freely chosen for the purpose of ascension.
Free will is considered an act done willingly not by coercion. In traditional philosophy free will is understood as a result of decisions and human behavior is not solely determined by external causes; rather, by the individual’s intentions. And what would be the point of fate? Uncertainty and change are guarantees in this particular universe. Human behavior is not unique to free will as most philosophers and even spiritual libertarians may think. Planet earth is also on an undetermined path with ascension as the primary goal. Animals, under the guidance of the Elemental Kingdoms, belong to soul groups, and also have free will.

It could be argued, one without cerebral behavioral control is not truly free and atheists would not align with the metaphysical that it was the soul’s choice to incarnate and experience that existence, perhaps as an example to others. On the other hand, since accidents do happen in this third dimension world, mainly because of all the suffering, if this occurred through a mishap then the soul’s council and Presence would intervene. (The ascended master Jesus insists there is a misunderstanding prevalent on planet earth that everything happens for a reason.)
Clive Staples Lewis, the academic and novelist, better known as C. S. Lewis, states in his book, Miracles, there are those that believe the universe is a vast process in which all events are a result of past acts within the system and he labels these folks Naturalists. Super-naturalists, according to Lewis, believe “interruptions or interventions” occur in our Universe from some other systems outside it. He thought a supernatural intervention, termed a miracle, is not scientifically detectable. He argues, miracles are definite interventions, consistent with nature, but these events are beyond natural law. Lewis does support the real possibility of a Source and this is the origin of the supernatural intervening on our behalf through miracles. I must note Lewis’s book, Miracles, was released during the infancy stages of a belief in Quantum Mechanics.
John Locke, a leading philosopher of empiricism, much like Aristotle, Francis Bacon and Thomas Hobbes, asserts all knowledge comes from sensory experience, emphasizing evidence. He philosophized free will did not make any sense. His main argument, as I see it, is: If one is responsible for what one does in a given situation, then one must be responsible for the way one is in certain mental aspects. According to Locke, it is impossible for one to be responsible for the way one is any respect. He thought it unfeasible for souls to have any say in their mental or physical creation. To which I fervidly disagree and although master Jesus touches on this topic in our book, The Measure of Christ’s Love (MCL), channeled through Catherine Julian Dove, in a future tome we discuss, in depth, creationism vs. Darwinism; the nature of being and the Elohim, often referred to as the architects mentioned many times in bibles, that created our vehicles, our bodies, the place for our souls to reside while on earth. The Elohim, for those unfamiliar, are the guardians of the light force energy used in the formation of many universes, including earth, but the Great Silence is where we all place our origins. Once again, the Elohim did not create our Presence; they were very involved in the design of the physical body, and a place for it to inhabit. It is essential to remember the Father Himself created our souls, our divine nature, and our God Presence, and this is where all of us, including the Elohim, originated. To be perfectly clear, it is my belief there is only One Supreme God or Great Silence. Originally, earth was designed to be a garden world; however, because of our free will,–one of the attractions for coming to this planet,–humankind’s choices have flipped the energy switch.
It cannot be stressed enough how the consciousness and free will affect all aspects of your existence, and the planet; ultimately, one is personally responsible for the way one is. In MCL, Jesus discusses how each of us consciously accepted uncertainty as a tradeoff for the experience of coming to earth with free will. This is why there is much indecision, and frustration regarding the outcome of situations, and the birthing process causes humans to forget they are all multifaceted. Flashes of wisdom do occur, and there are times when the human spirit soars to impressive heights, and seems to know truth within self, but these are momentary awakenings. The reason for this is human consciousness is not developed enough to hold the transfer of higher thought forms, which is the state avatars continually dwell in. Another problem in communicating metaphysical sciences is we do not have a corresponding language to fully comprehend the levels of mastery necessary to completely grasp deep concepts or to even experience our God Presence. This is why librettos are used to illustrate and deepen awareness of things of a divine nature. Love, in its purest form, is the closest image most humans are able to grasp.
Also in MCL, the Karmic Board explain how we take part in choosing our level of intelligence, body type, health, and so on, prior to incarnating, challenging Locke’s theory. Here are some abridged excerpts of what occurs prior to a soul incarnation:
“In most cases, the soul seeks opportunities to learn through favorable experiences, although this is not always the case on earth because of freewill. In many instances, the incarnating soul chooses an environment that will support its choices.” (MCL)
“The mentality of the soul before a new embodiment determines the level of intelligence it desires, and it sends a wave signal to the planet for a corresponding opportunity. The soul is then required to take a careful look at its soul records to identify the pros and cons of each embodiment before choosing its birth parents, and there are counseled meetings between the soul, and the prospective parents.” (MCL)
“The incoming soul enters a spiral of light containing its DNA, and necessary components for birth.
As the spiral comes closer to the earth plane it enters a veil of forgetfulness, and its memories from previous incarnations are placed in a chamber in the memory body in the fourth dimension. Unless the soul advances on a spiritual path it usually does not have access to these records.” (MCL)

“Souls exist that have difficulty with the experience of birthing on this planet, and enter forms where the embryo is not properly developing. In some cases, advanced souls may choose these opportunities to assist parents or family members in experiencing lessons involved with providing for an infant with disabilities. Other souls entering mangled energy fields accept these incarnations as a form of service, and sometimes do not foresee how challenging their lives will be. In other cases, there are a large number of souls still fragmented when incarnating, meaning within them there are aspects of self not in proper attunement with their divine nature; these are fragmented parts of the personality where disturbing thoughts transpire, hellish images are imagined, and where too many souls lose their will to live. This explains why some personalities do not appear to be whole, and need a considerable amount of healing throughout their sojourn.” (MCL) Nevertheless, this experience was their choice, their will.
Classic compatibilists like the previously mentioned Thomas Hobbes, primarily known as a political philosopher, felt individuals act on their will only if it is their desire or decide otherwise, as is their choice. He rejects free will in favor of determinism, a concept that treats freedom as being able to do what one desires. To some, determinism is a doctrine that everything, including every act, is caused by something; therefore there cannot be true free will.
I relate more to the contemporary compatibilist’s argument it is the person’s will that got them there in the first place, albeit subconsciously. Though it is my perception in this third dimension world we have free will under an umbrella of constraints decided upon prior to incarnating, and our souls play a big role in that decision making.
In MCL, master Jesus states, “This ability to create with freewill what you wish to experience with ease and grace is within everyone. Your outer manifestations are really affected by personal beliefs, your level of intelligence, group consciousness, and karmic patterns. Frequencies of creation are all around, and doors continuously open and close.”

“The impressions received from Source are always of the highest form, but you have the freewill to mis-qualify this pure light, qualified light, resulting in holes in your aura; thus allowing negative emotions, thoughts, and actions through. (Qualified light is pure, positive energy we receive from our I Am Presence, and our God Source, and it holds pure thought.) (MCL)

There is hard and soft determinism with a variety of ramified definitions. Soft determinism is the principle compatibilism and determinism are compatible, and a belief in both is not logically inconsistent. In other words, compatibilists concur free will co-exists with determinism in the same fashion incompatibilist disagree. It may come down to semantics, compatibilists state free will (or freedom) can exist or not, metaphysics aside. Take the legal system, without any constraints or consideration to metaphysical philosophies; courts consistently decide if one acted upon their own volition.
Causal or what I call karmic determinism means you are living today what you created yesterday. In the first published science article in the early 1800’s Peirre-Simon Laplace discusses causal determinism where he states something to the effect if one knows the precise location and momentum of every atom in the universe, their past and future values for any given time are entailed; they can be calculated from the laws of classical mechanics, which is one of two major sub-fields of mechanics concerned with the set of physical laws and comes from the ancient sciences studying the motion of bodies. In other words, future acts occur as a direct result of past and present events. Laplace poses an energy that knows all past and present facts, along with the governing laws of nature for this particular universe. He suggests that energy, based on that information, is able to determinate the future to the most minute detail. To a point, he was on the right track. Unfortunately, most humans do not have a corresponding language to fully comprehend the levels of mastery it takes to clearly experience or communicate with the unseen worlds. We do not have such things as psychic peeping Toms; however, there are many avatars and highly intuitive channels able to see the future. All I have studied or known personally, do not receive every detail and each has their genres. In the Foreword of MCL, there is the following simplified scientific definition of how channeling occurs and divine knowledge is shared:
Jesus explains what occurs when teachings are brought forth in this manner: “Our selection of messengers on earth is quite limited, for they have to hold a certain range of mastery previously developed within them. Divine messages can only come through someone who is able to carry the frequency of the Christ, and their hearts must be extremely pure. When we, other ascended masters, and I, speak through our oracles there is a piercing light that descends through the crown center and oversouls the physical form. It is how we utilize the voice to bring our work onto this planet.”

Some follow the so-called logical determinism, wherein all past, present and future events must be true or false. As I see it, there cannot be any semblance of freewill, if in fact what one does now or in the future is already determined in the present as true or false.

All comportments or desires ascertained by our environment, genetic coding or chemical make-up is considered biological determinism and you can add to the mix psychological and acculturation determinism. Then we have Theological determinism,–of course there is. It is the idea every thought, word and deed is determined and known by Source. He either already knows every action in advance or diktats it. Where is the free will here, if God is orchestrating every action and thought? How would Moses respond in regards to the Ten Commandments? For whatever value, my personal belief is God is desire less, but for lack of proper linguistics, His one desire is our love.
How can the argument exist that to be truly free one must be clueless and required to lack the capacity to know subsequent thoughts or the ability to control their future actions? This disambiguation suggests free acts are uncaused and I consider this an oxymoron. It demonstrates the weave of many so-called philosophic predicaments. Emphasize of the conversation should not be didactical; rather, highlight intentions and responsibility of every thought and action autonomous of anything. The bottom line, be accountable, and authentic. At the very core is a lack of responsibility. Lego the ego.

Karmic Boomerangs

Since the paranormal is our normal, it is natural for those in our spiritual community to completely accept the concept we are all meant to be Christs. My late partner, Catherine Julian Dove, and I had many conversations with various ascended masters and relate to them as our brothers and sisters. It is actually bazaar to imagine Jesus as God and this is part of the problem he and other ascended masters contend with in a third dimension world such as ours. Jesus said many master teachers, even higher than him, come to planet earth and have to deal with humans thinking the masters are gods or God. Yet, when they try to teach us how very powerful we are and explain we too are meant to become Christs, it is taken as blasphemous; rather, than truth. If as individuals we realize we do create our own realities and thoughts are as powerful as the spoken word we would create huge shifts in the future of our world. I would love for everyone to think of their actions and thoughts as karmic boomerangs because indeed this is how the universe, which is conscious intelligence, operates. It is not God that punishes us for nefarious acts or refuses to grant our desires, that is Old Testament thinking and simply not true. Here is a scientific explanation: What happens is this, everything is energy. When we put something out in the world, negative or positive, realize we cannot judge without experiencing our own judgments. This does not mean God or our I Am Presence will take anything away from us, but our energy patterns will create a bridge to that circuit the soul is judging, and set up a lesson for us based on that judgment. This occurs on levels below the conscious mind and our conscious feeling world, but this is not done to disgrace us. It is to teach all are a part of experience in the realms of duality. We have accumulated good in the spiraling rings around our I Am Presence. This is where our miraculous gifts come from, and why small indiscretions we perform fizzle out easily in comparison to the good we accrue. Our Creator is truly a God of Reason. If we allow Him to come in this manner, be a just people, then we will reap a rewarding afterlife.
Book excerpt from The Measure of Christ’s Love
Resurrecting the Christ Within
Christ beckons you to be Open to Unfamiliar Possibilities
Some of you have reached deep within, and are contemplating that there may be a spiritual existence superior to the one you are currently experiencing. There certainly is! When you, as a spiritual seeker, consciously move into my kingdom you realize you are not servants of Jesus the Christ; rather, initiates of the Body of Christ preparing to receive the mind of Christ. This places you in the position of discipleship. As the Christ Oversoul, the individualized focus of the God spark embodies all on this path. In truth, if you are a serious spiritual seeker, all your intentions should be focused on becoming a disciple of this Holy Order of the Body of Christ. Not in worshiping me as Jesus the Christ, but as joining me in its frequency. This is what I meant in the Bible when I spoke the words:

“I tell you the truth it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:23–24).

I came to teach the hidden mysteries of how to complete the path to your own Christed Oversoul and Christed mind. It is what I taught my disciples while I was on the planet as Jesus, and what I still teach
in my sanctuary. Many secret meanings are in my teachings, and to understand them takes an open heart, and a willingness to work with me. Excessive materialism is consuming, turn away and take upon you the staff of the Good Shepherd, as I have done. It is the Celestial Christ Emmanuel, I, as the man Jesus merged with, and he is the one holding the Mantle of the Christ for all beings. This is why I am the way and the light to the pattern of energy known as the Christos, the Diamond Mind, and to the purity of the Spoken Word that brought consciousness in the form of flesh. It is for this reason I come forth to make humankind whole once again. Be patient, it takes time to raise the holy fire within. My staff is charged with an enormous light, and I never use it to control anyone, only to guide souls. I truly honor each individual choice, for I understand there is a lesson in the outcome the soul desires to experience. I speak of the divine nature that dwells within all beings, and in each breath there is a resonance of the Trinity energies. It is a light flowing through me, Jesus, as well as through every individual, because we are all a part of it. I shepherd you until you are able to hold your own light. Within the chalice of my heart is also the bread of life, and everyone who partakes of this gift is brought to my home. In truth, I bring onto me all who love me and ask me to be their teacher. Many will follow me, their way-shower, to the columns of light that lead to the heavenly worlds. Commit to a daily exercise of noting where your thoughts and
emotions wander. Create a fixed point of consciousness that eventually will become the still point within self, where I will be experienced. True spiritual seekers of wisdom will discover that serving two masters will not work because you cannot serve the lower thought forms, the thresholds of the poor of heart, and still be a part of the higher consciousness. As you become comfortable with monitoring your intentions behind every action you will notice an increased desire to make more conscious behavioral changes, especially when handling everyday situations. If called upon, I will respond and be that guidepost. I knock often on the door of the hearts and minds of all who call to me; yet there are times when I answer, and those professing they love me, hold judgments and block my way. To be totally free you need to be born anew, and this newness will create a freedom within. One way to experience a rebirth of thoughts and emotions is by working with spirit descending through the Star of David. The star raises the energy frequency around the human aura field and the physical body, and the frequency rises because it opens
additional chakras that are not part of the ego personality. Then you will stand as I did and say, “As I am above, so I am below.” Each of you consciously accepted uncertainty as a tradeoff for the experience of coming to earth. This is why there is much indecision, and frustration regarding the outcome of situations, and the birthing process causes humans to forget they are all multifaceted. Flashes of wisdom do occur, and there are times when the human spirit soars to impressive heights, and you seem to know truth
within self, but these are momentary awakenings. The reason for this is human consciousness is not developed enough to hold the transfer of higher thought forms, which is the state I continually dwell in. I am the living master of unconditional love, love divine, and respect for all evolving consciousness. I taught a doctrine of never causing harm to another; yet there are wars, hatred, and division between people, and often in my name. That was not my message or the message of any ascended master communicating with earth from the regions of the highest heaven. Begin now to recognize there are divisive teachings given to humankind throughout its evolutions. The sub-planes, astral planes,
and various regions between heaven, and earth, are populated by many levels of beings, overlords, even demigods. They are not fully carrying the light of their own God awareness, which regrettably played a role in releasing doctrines of faith to earth through their dark messengers. Unfortunately, what is not understood is even in these regions there are hierarchies of teachers, angels, and others posing as beings of knowledge many confuse with teachers sent by God. Their doctrines are mixed, and while some hold certain truths, they are largely lacking in the message of divine and universal love for all creation. Connecting to these lower realms also created distortions in certain religions. If teachings divide humankind, promote fear, empower one sex over another, and do not show respect toward human or animal life, know they are not a teaching from the gateway I speak from. God never condones war nor does He hate or show favor to His creations. If you believe God is saying anything other than to love one another, you are following a false teaching, and not receiving the information from those who dwell in the regions of paradise. I came to earth to set in motion the awareness that God is a loving and forgiving Father, and not a Being that scorns His creations. Sadly, what a good many do not realize is when they follow these lesser doctrines they descend to the level of the being that created these principles of limitation, and after death they may even be convinced it is heaven, but it is not. In other words, those partaking in that behavior will end up in an astral world or a lesser realm. There they will be with their tribe sharing beliefs under the ruler ship of the being that created that doctrine, but they will not gain entrance to the true heavens, the regions of paradise, by following such a path. Some regions have set up their own idea of a trinity, but they are not the Trinity of the Immaculate Concept. Hatred, anger, and killing those who do not share your beliefs are not gateways to heaven. In many cases, these misguided souls eventually return to earth with the same belief or gender of those they oppressed, for this is karmic law. (Vera’s comment: For example, if a person is prejudice toward a race, religion, gender or displays fanatical patriotism, they could reincarnate to experience what it feels like to be disgraced. Consider another case, an insensitive, pretentious, wealthy, and greedy individual might return born in poverty.)

Each human being has a divine soul desiring their personality to eventually come home to a greater awareness of its divine nature; to an expanded consciousness where I have prepared a place for them. The Oversoul I ascended to is where I am guiding those who choose to follow, and it is where I wait for each soul to return to; however, not all will arrive there after this lifetime. Again, it is a choice and all certainly may enter the path of enlightenment now by asking to develop their spiritual understanding. When in harmony with all of creation your spirit will feel as if it is soaring, and you may identify this as the spirit of me, Jesus or as the Love of God within you; it is the Higher Presence awakening the spiritual path within the seeker who is developing a sense of divine purpose. Each person is a gift from our Creator expressing God’s love onto the world. How God creates or expresses love through each creation may not necessarily be the same, but there must be respect for one another, and that alone will turn the tides on this world. I now introduce the concept that an intention needs to be held to make a significant inner discovery to evolve the currents of light, sound, and energy, pouring forth through your crystal cord, which is a membrane of light from your I Am Presence created in the image and likeness of the Divine Mind. This crystal cord connects the human soul to the unseen regions of the world of the divine soul, and it is what keeps the physical body alive. Its energy pours down from the I Am Presence through many regions to supply the body with life. As you evolve, the crystal cord extends beyond the astral and mental planes into higher regions made available to the evolving human soul from the I Am Presence. As the light progresses an awakening occurs on many levels, and the human personality develops some of its divine characteristics. Your consciousness expands and you experience greater wisdom and gifts from spirit. It is important to mention if you are tied to a limited belief your advances will only grow to the level you are comfortable with. This means if a spiritual leader or a spiritual seeker believes in the teachings of an ancient doctrine and will not release those tenants, they will only penetrate wisdom to a certain degree, for they are still limited in their ability to see all of creation as one living energy from one loving God. To receive additional light from the heavens you must develop proper intentions, and be willing to embrace all doctrines of truth. As you understand the consequences of intentions on your lives, and the lives of your loved ones, you realize when you are aligned with spirit you receive more of God’s radiance through the crystal cord descending from your I Am Presence. When I walked the earth as Jesus many were preoccupied with outer disturbances; therefore, unable to understand my messages. This is the reason I sometimes spoke in parables, but the times are different now. The messengers I work through today are more spiritually developed and hold higher initiations. They can bring through profoundly clear comprehension and explanations of the words I spoke as Jesus the Christ, but do not be distracted by those calling themselves the earthly fathers. Some are extremely serious about taking on that title, but not all are worthy of becoming shepherds of my flock. To be a slave or controlled by anyone is not the pattern you were created to uphold, now dwell within and reflect upon this. Each day and in every moment call upon the blessings of the Holy Spirit to walk with you, to guide your path, to assist you in knowing God. In knowing our Creator you begin the journey to your placement in the heavens. Everyone exists for an eternity, and it is one of the reasons our Creator patiently waits for those developing far from the heavens.
The seed of awakening sprouts when soul decides to embrace it, but I will never step in to control anyone. As a divine being I am, in a sense, an arm of God, and I allow those weary on the path to rest within my arms. It is a service I gladly give, and I truly honor each traveler on their path. I am proud of spiritual seekers and those who desire to know me now, and understand what I represent. I have the ability to be with everyone who turns toward me, and be their counsel, their guide, and to help them understand that the greater part of Christ also exists within them. Every one of you is given the power of knowing the Christ within, and this is accomplished by severing acts that disrupt the light of the divine soul yearning to dwell within humankind. The majority is more familiar with following energies that bring destruction, despair, and illness; rather, than unmasking the gifts of joy God has bestowed upon our souls.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

 I have a lot of respect for the astrological sciences, but do not claim to have in depth knowledge about them. However, I am intrigued with one’s Saturn Return and I do pay attention when the planet of communication, Mercury, goes retrograde (MR). And it is not that I am late getting this article out—Mercury Retrograde began again on July 14 and ends August 8—I was leaving this information output to the astrologers; however, many have asked me to weigh in. This particular period is creating a lot of change along with the usual chaos, delays and misunderstandings.

First some background on astrology basics:

Astrology is a system of scientific calculation. It is the configuration of planets influencing the life plan at the time of birth and throughout one’s life. An astrological reading shows the vibrational aspect of your relationship to the planets at the time of your in­carnation. This is a part of your personal blueprint. Astrology is evidence that everything occurs in cycles and the appropriateness of timing. It is a system of symbols, very much like mathematics. It has meaning (as an organizing framework) only when applied to events. Each planet affects the evolution of the entire solar system, as does each individual on different levels.


Since this is a science an experienced astrologer–a generic term because many astrologers specialize–can really take full advantage of assembling the thousands of statistics with the symbols and signs of the planetary cycles and alignment. Many professional astrologers will also use the wisdom of their intuition when making sense of all of this. It is a framework from which to function when applied to real events, because the patterns formed by the stars and planets symbolically reflect patterns in our lives, like a mathematical equation, but they are not a part of the experience. This science of astrology is quite fascinating and throughout history consulting astrology was the norm. When this country was founded astrology was heavily consulted. The dates to sign important documents, such as The Declaration of Independence, were chosen this way.


More and more Wall Street stockbrokers are referring to astrology in advising their clients and there are several publications offering stock market predictions based on astrology. A lot of firms now enlist the aid of astrologers to chart their employees and their clients.




The more information you give an astrologer, such as your date, time and place of your birth, the more accurate and personal the feedback. The horary, which is the hour the question is presented to the astrologer, is also significant to the outcome. Warning, the horoscopes in your local newspapers are not truly your personal forecast; they are more on the level of fortune cookies.


I have a great deal of respect for professional astrologers. Once the public realizes the full potential of this science it will expedite positive change. The more knowledgeable the public regarding astrology or any of the Metaphysical sciences, the less hoaxers will be able to defraud anyone.


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the ruler of communications; therefore, this is not a good time to sign a contract or any kind of agreement such as a will, especially if it is a fresh idea.  You would not want to buy a home or accept a job during this period either. Basically, anything with moving parts is in jeopardy during MR like cars and especially small appliances, including computers (they are also used for communicating) are in danger of failing. If mailing an item usually takes 3 days to get to the destination, during MR it could take twice as long and traveling could be a nightmare.

Keep things light, avoid or postpone deep discussions, but this may not be practical. I will mention we are in a MR period if the person I am speaking to is open to this, giving them a heads up that our communications may be a bit challenging. In business this may not be the best idea. This is why it is wise to mark off MR periods on your calendars; so you know in advance when to book or avoid situations. If you have a conflict, be overly prepared, concise, patient, and some humor always helps. It would be wise to circumvent political discussions or anything controversial.

How to take advantage of the positive effects of MR:

This is the time to introspect, organize your home and your life, get closure with a past issue, or search for something you have lost, even an old friend—but wait for MR to end before contacting them. Remember this is the worst time to communicate: it would be awful to finally reconnect than risk a disagreement.  Above all, be loving.

Now-a-days there are many sites with scientific explanations of Mercury Retrograde, and Coronal Mass Ejections commonly referred to as CME’s, which affects earth’s magnetic field and us in a very powerful way. Just be sure to use your discernment when researching anything.

The last MR period for 2012 is November  To keep on top of these dates, I like the site:

Decussate –having the shape of a cross

If a loved one was stabbed to death, would you wear a replica of the knife around your neck? Then why wear a cross in the same regard? Of course I am referring to the Christian crucifix. The cross, this torture rack, was a murder weapon. The very origin of the Latin based word means to torture; crux from the verb cruciare. With the inception of Christianity, suffering became an acceptable part of the philosophy.
In our book The Measure of Christ’s Love, Jesus explains, “the true symbology of the cross is it represents the outpouring breath & the mercy of the Godhead to create change in the beliefs of a dying world.”
Of course, the cross is one of the most recognizable archetypes originating from various collective levels of the human consciousness. A cross represents different things during various periods.
In ancient cultures the decussate symbol (the cross) had meaning prior to its association with Christians, not just for decorative purposes, but seen as protective and sacred.
To some, the cross represented the union of heaven and earth, the sun and the galaxies, the human body, spirit, east, west, south & north, as well as the 4 elements and seasons. Others felt it represented the human form,
You may be surprised by the many variations of the decussate symbol and the following are some examples: Celtic cross, Arrow Cross, Medical Cross, Red Cross, Maltese Cross, The Cross Formee Branchee, The Cross in Astrology, Rosicrucian or Rose Cross, Anchor Cross, Papal Cross, Baptismal Cross, Lorrain or Orthodox Cross, Saint Peter Cross, Saint Andrew Cross, Latin or Roman Cross, Chi-Rho Cross, Coptic Cross, and Egyptian Cross or Ankh the Tau Cross.
I am also including the Swastika in this discussion because both the cross and the Swastika have a fascinating ancient history, the former dates back to the prehistoric era. And every symbol has multiple levels of meanings and always seems to represent more than the obvious
Modern day identity associates swastikas with Hitler and of course, racism, and most egregious, the horrors of anti-Semitism. This deprecating association of this once sacred symbol is such a shame because to many ancient cultures around the world, including Africa, the Far east, North America, and Europe, and to Hindus today, this symbol is auspicious and spiritual. The pre-Aryan Swastika in Sanskrit, Swastika, loosely meaning may it be auspicious. There is also a Greek translation essentially meaning good. Like the cross it symbolized the four directions and a world-wheel representing a constantly changing universe where the only constant is God, at the center. This was a symbol of Peace for many and the Hindu religion, people light earthen lamps in a formation of the ‘Swastika’, a Hindu symbol of peace in Hindu festival of Diwali, the festival of lights. If you compare the Hindu Swastika with Hitler’s interpretation, you will see he did turn the symbol slightly, and this supposedly had something to do with his initials—if you interested in the exact details there is a lot of information out there regarding the development and differences.
An interesting sidebar is, the Nazi’s may have been introduced to the swastika by Guido von List, known for his belief in mysticism. “According to List, the swastika was the symbol of a secret band of initiates called the Armanen or “children of the sun,” who flourished in ancient times. It may also have been reputable scholarly discussions of the Indo-European migrations of ancient peoples and cultures that were perverted to the anti-Semitic doctrine of an Aryan master-race.”(For more information on this here is the site I received this quote from:

The following is an excerpt from our book, The Measure of Christ’s Love, regarding the symbol of the cross as told by Jesus.
The Symbol of the Cross and Sin

There is an extraordinary amount of focus on the passion of Christ Jesus, and segments of my life have been brought to the forefront. For me, this is a distant memory. I am trying to make myself clear this is not something I want my followers to focus on. If anything, I yearn to uplift them, and take them off of the self-made crosses they have created in their own lives. Yet again, the cross I bore was not for anyone’s sins because all are without sin when holding the proper intention. As I told you, I did absorb negative karmic patterns; thus creating a positive shift in the energy returning to this planet. Those were challenging times. I ascended and stood before the thresholds of light, and felt peace in my heart as I departed. I was not afflicted by group consciousness; so as I said, I did not submit to negative thinking. I walked earth at the level of an avatar, an ascended master. This means I did not partake of the conscious in the lower mind, and my mind did not experience those tributaries, as most do. I had mastered a great deal in previous incarnations; thus it appeared as though I stood above all others, but this was only in higher consciousness earned from many experiences. Yes, I rose people from the dead, that accounting is accurate, and I walked among the population as a Christ, and communed with my God Presence, which oversouled me. I gave up my life so those drawn to my teachings may know love, and the glory of the higher heavens. I went before you to prepare the way, and to teach you how to hold the patterns of energy through the path of initiation, and become part of the Holy Order of the Body of Christ. The symbol of the cross for each one does not have to be a path of sacrifice. The Crucifixion symbolized that those in charge did not want change. This still occurs today, but in other forms of persecution, and many who speak the words of truth now feel like the outcasts, and pressured to operate outside the norm of society.

The true symbology behind the cross is it represents the outpouring breath, and the mercy of the Godhead to create change in the beliefs of a dying world. It is why I chose to incarnate at that particular time as Jesus; who was a bold man for the times. I was outspoken, and had a strong will to create change among the clergy who put themselves above the peasants. I lived during a time when there were vast divisions in class, and it is not what exists in the realms of our Father. It is this consciousness that continues to bind earth in the lower octaves. You are each placed on earth to be in service to each other. To ensure you are no longer slaves to your lower mind, I will assist you in removing the cross.

Catherine Julian Dove’s anecdote: In my early training with Christ, I saw myself dressed in a nun’s habit, watching Jesus carrying the cross. I ran to him, taking the cross and carrying it myself. He took it back from me and said, “Surrender the cross.” It took me years to figure out what he wanted from me. As I reviewed this chapter, I recalled a time when I was shopping for friends stopping over for an Easter message. There was a cake pan in the shape of a cross I was about to purchase when I heard Jesus say, “Don’t make me a cross cake.” I told him I thought it was nice, but he laughed and replied, “I really don’t want you to make me a cake in the shape of a cross.” It was very hard for me to give up this idea, but I did and it really made an impact on me.

Note: In full disclosure, only because I like the symbol, I occasionally wear a cross, but not ever a crucifix.

Judgment, by Vera Lauren

This is a difficult topic not only because I do not want to be judgmental; however, this fine line is what makes it so important. Adding to the complexity are cults or religions having judgment at their core and most egregious, blaming God, whom is above succumbing to judgment. Many brainwash their congregations to control through fear. Recently, I was called for jury selection and wanted to do my civil duty, but conflicted. I could have easily been excused for a medical condition, but thought I would give it a go anyway. Besides, once the judge asked me about my personal beliefs, and although I do not belong to any religion, I knew he and the lawyers would dismiss me. Boy was I right, when I mentioned I defer to intuition over everything else, including common sense, and I believe in karma, I was let go. (FYI: Intuition is wisdom and can never be wrong, where people get confused is their incorrect interpretation of intuitive thoughts, especially when under stress and emotional.) I was torn, but to be honest, I was happy to be dismissed—this was an especially challenging case, which is also why it would benefit them to choose someone with my background and philosophies. Here is why I believe that to be:

In this case, the judge is a patient very polite gentleman. He reminded us that the court is not the place to take issue with the law and that we were to uphold the laws in place. For example, in our country, we are supposedly Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat, meaning innocent until proven guilty, within reason. The burden of proof is thus on the prosecution, which has to collect and present enough compelling evidence to convince the trier of fact, who is restrained and ordered by law to consider only actual evidence and testimony that is legally admissible, and in most cases lawfully obtained, that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If reasonable doubt remains, the accused is to be acquitted.

When asked if we understood, without hesitation everyone agreed. However, when asked if we had to make a judgment at that very moment– not having heard any testimony from either side,– what would our verdict be? The majority of perspective jurors said they could not answer because they needed to “hear” the case. So clearly, the defendant was not innocent in their minds, but to be fair to them nor was he guilty. For me, this was a frightening experience because he would have to be considered innocent; yet no one else seemed to have this realization.

Another issue, perspective jurors were asked if a similar crime had happened to them or a loved one? If they said yes, the court wanted to know if they could put their emotions aside and make an impartial judgment. Everyone asked said yes. I am sorry, I disagree, we are all informed by our experiences; this is what makes us who we are, but most times this is a good thing.
I do respect those dedicating their lives in service with high intentions to truly see justice is done, and the same to jurors dedicated to uphold the law and do their civic duty. However, there are layers upon layers at stake here and justice needs to be peacefully dealt and always non-violently. With my particular beliefs, there are no victims, only volunteers. For example, in the past, I have written and spoken many times on what I consider to be one of the most repulsive of all sick crimes, which is pedophilia. Bear with me now, just say after a pedophile dies and he stands before the Karmic Board for his life review; then realizes his misdeeds and decides to reincarnate as a “victim” to be an example of the injustice. If you knew that, of course the pedophile would have to be dealt with, but imagine how different your perspective knowing the victim’s past life. Now please do not think I am saying this is so in all cases, and do not, under any circumstances, judge victims, whatever the case. My intentions are to broaden your thinking and for you to stop going with the herd, in other words, don’t be a sheeple. We all have a magnetic core, and what we put out, comes back. Think of a boomerang. “Realize you cannot judge without experiencing your own judgments. This does not mean God or your I Am Presence will take anything away from you, but your energy patterns will create a bridge to that circuit the soul is judging, and set up a lesson for you based on that judgment. This occurs on levels below the conscious mind and your conscious feeling world, but this is not done to disgrace you. It is to teach that all of you are a part of experience in the realms of duality.” (Quote from MCL.)

For even more on this I turned to master Jesus as channeled through his oracle, Catherine Julian Dove in The Measure of Christ’s Love and here are those excerpts:

Judgment Day
There isn’t any judgment day; rather, it is the balancing of cause and effect before the Karmic Board, which I just spoke of. There truly are no accusers and your Christ Self stands beside you. What happens is you are given every opportunity to review your life, the affect you had on others and on the world, and to cast light on these situations to bring them in balance. The Christ also intercedes for you as this is part of your life review, and less about judgment. I, Jesus the Christ, am incapable of hating or judging anyone. I merely view stages of growth within each of God’s creations.

The Halls of Judgment
No one should ever be afraid of our loving Creator; God does not deal with His creations with a heavy hand. Several prophecies within the Old Testament need to be updated, and this is one of them. In ancient times, there was a tabernacle in the astral planes called the Halls of Judgment. The Karmic Board brought forth a dispensation from the Halls of Justice and closed the Halls of Judgment, replacing it with the Halls of Mercy. The reason the Halls of Judgment existed at all is because the light within the threefold flame was reduced to those on earth by the I Am Presence and the Higher Self. The human soul could no longer connect to its higher soul components, and the soul energy receded. The Halls of Judgment also existed because unclean spirits began to inhabit earth, and subjected the people to their will, but only those who were truly wicked moved through the Halls of Judgment. Not that anyone was harshly judged, but it was a necessary part of their evolvement. In their life review some did not choose to accept the light; consequently, they were not allowed to continue to evolve in human form. Many of them became the alien races that still do not work in the light.

See Christ in Everyone without Judgment
This is a good time to address how to move beyond personal judgments. Simply put, speak to others as if you were speaking to me. Always see the Christ in each person’s eyes, and you will understand the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood I experienced when I was embodied as Jesus. I saw in others what I saw in myself, and respected them without judgment. Always expect to see God qualities in everyone. Along these lines, teaching by example is a wonderful way to work with children, and then they will organically develop their own God qualities without their parents or guardians enforcing it upon them. Do not focus on expecting to see disappointment in another or thinking he or she will let you down. If someone chooses to be that type of energy, let them go. Always imagine meeting people on their highest level. Anticipate seeing the halo of light above their heads and around their hearts, and this will aid them in developing that light from within; good relationships are developed in this manner. It is how heavenly circuits work. If some individuals, for one reason or another, cannot meet you at this level of mind and heart from their own Christ nature, they will simply not be there. That said, as a person opens to the energies of the Holy Spirit they spin in such light and joy their expectations of others are not always met. This is where discernment plays a role. You see, not everyone is necessarily ready to take on a higher consciousness. They have not met the master on the path. Still, as the budding master, you are asked to love and respect them, honor their freewill, and allow their expression of self to be at whatever level they deem right for themselves. I, Christ, am not burdened by this. I see all as my children. However, those souls do create a weight on society at the level of group consciousness. Subliminally there are times you understand this; nonetheless, it is natural for souls in the process of learning mastery to feel resentment toward those brothers and sisters choosing to hold more darkness than light. In these cases I stand beside you, encouraging you to still see them as creations of God. Understand it is a part of their evolution and their freewill when they choose to destroy the light; instead, of holding onto it. We, in
the heavenly realms, join you in prayer to assist them in awakening, but we cannot interfere. It is why intentions are important. Know we hold a state of grace and a higher state of mind for them, and when they are ready enormous light will adhere to them. Do not pass judgment. Only see the light of Christ offering itself, and indwelling in their minds and hearts. For those who are not yet ready, this allows them to receive the message to prepare to awaken another day or perhaps in another life.

Refrain from Judging
This brings me to another topic: what causes one to walk away from the light? It is judgment, which creates limitation, and this is another reason why I chose to speak in parables. Most people could not yet hold enough light in their lower bodies to remain within the light of their Christ Oversoul. The mental bodies are extremely active and fierce at times. This is additional motivation as to why it is essential to discipline the mind, because it affects all lower bodies. It is important to understand we do not see anyone through the eyes of judgment. The majority place blame on others for one reason or another, which is a form of control. The mind has to be strengthened and prepared to restrain itself. Levels of conscience are developed within the human soul, and this is what eventually will guide that soul toward holding more light. I am not speaking of children, and I am confident when they are observed misbehaving that no one will mistake them for dark souls. The verbal word is enormously powerful and emits a frequency into the ethers, and could actually affect the light of another who is in a weakened state. This is what occurs when dark beings get hold of a weak-minded human. A different issue is many are filled with anger and resentment toward fellow beings, and you draw additional frequencies to you from unseen regions holding the same energy. Some people come together and praise me, but they do not
honor me, themselves or others when they are not being the living example of my words. I exist without judgment in absolute unconditional love; equal for all evolutions of life. I do not hold any races or nations above another. What’s more, the animal kingdom is suffering greatly under the humans, and you must genuinely understand that these creations also come from the hand of our Creator. I came forth to assist in the creation of a vast understanding of the tributaries of love. Since then, an overwhelming number of
souls have tried to fashion their lives around my teachings, but in order to do that they need to immerse themselves in deepening their relationship with me. Regrettably, too great a number of souls come before me while still misaligned within this field of judgment, and they take my words out of context, and do not realize it is never the goal of a higher being to destroy relationships. My walk on earth was short, but I contributed to humankind, to understanding life, and to spreading a message of unconditional love. My
words have brought forth positive changes on earth, and as I keep reiterating, a considerable amount of what I taught has been lost, misconstrued, and manipulated. Yet, the original texts were given to unify the people under one God, a loving God. I gave a large range of very deep talks, and as my following grew there was a wealth of people that permitted the light to course through them. They drank from the same cup I drank from. A substantial number of scholars examined the meanings behind the scriptures, and what saddens me is, not all, but most sects still construe my words as creating division. Consequently, what humankind now has is a shallow doctrine of the truths I gave in my original teachings.

Shared Thoughts on Co-creating, by Rev.Vera Lauren

Book shelves are filled with literature on creating financial prosperity and the promise of revealing absolute secrets insuring your desired outcome. Most of us have heard or read these familiar phrases; Ask, believe, than receive, God has a plan, it all happens in His timing, and so on. What no one mentions is what happens when you religiously follow all of the instructions with seemingly no results.

I chose this topic because after nearly two and a half very stress filled years, I finally sold my home in Hawaii. This is a bittersweet ending, and although I am grateful, it came at a very high cost. To better understand my perspective I will share I have been on a life-long spiritual journey. This includes writing and lecturing on Metaphysics all of my adult life. And yes, I have read books and attended lectures on abundance and creating. Until this recent ordeal, friends and associates considered me quite adept at co-creating and patiently applying the Universal laws including karma—cause and effect, surrender, and acceptance. By nature, I am a happy soul and an optimist. No one was more surprised than I the home did not immediately sell, even in consideration of the poor market conditions. I say that because I dealt beyond this realm, putting my faith in God and not the market. Yes, you must be practical, however, the market could be terrific and if all things for you are not in alignment, you might not sell. I prayed and meditated, visualized the home already sold and the new owners enjoying it, recited daily affirmations, wrote myself a mock check, devotionally said countless thank you prayers, wrote in my gratitude journal often, looked for the humor in the experience, applied Feng Shui, and took many other positive actions.

During those years, selling the home was not the only thing I was personally dealing with. In addition, layers and layers of “stuff” was happening. So much so there were days I felt I should protect myself against the seemingly constant assaults from the Universe. I did put things in perspective, counting my blessings and keeping my focus on what I did have and not just the preferred outcome.

Under stressful times it is very interesting truly living in the moment, trying to focus on work, and to do simple things like walking the dogs, exercise, eating right, and other disciplines. I am a nester and found it difficult to dive into my self-imposed responsibilities when all I wanted to do was to close my eyes and wake up when it was all over. There are the obvious problems with indulging in that behavior, like needing an income to pay the utility bills. And then there is the uncertainty of life; what if I am to die while “waiting.” Number one on my list is ascension. So this motivates me not to waste time and to constantly ask: What is the lesson I am supposed to be learning. If I could “get it” then perhaps I could put an end to this prolonged struggle.

Spirit is always rooting for us to be happy. When you are on a deeply committed spiritual path, Spirit wants this for you even more then you do. It is also true the higher you climb the steeper the mountain, hence the more difficult the lessons can be. Always address them with grace because the fall will be farther down. When you make it to the other side it is what Jesus was referring to when he said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God….” What this means is first seek God out of love and greater love will be returned to you. The power you receive from this gift when you align with Spirit can be used to acquire all you deem necessary and right and you will bring into balance the spiritual, mental, and material. (In our book, The Measure of Christ’s Love, Jesus discusses balancing your spiritual life and the material, the excerpt is at the end of this article.)

I wish I could tell you there was a defining moment and a profound lesson. That was not the case. I was always aware situations and experiences are opportunities to show Spirit how conscious we have become. The most important lessons learned were all on a spiritual level. Here is my top ten list:

1. Meditate and pray. Prayer is talking to God. Meditating is listening. If you do all the talking you will not hear what God is saying and He speaks in a whisper.

2. I am a co-creator but–thank God–I am not in charge. We are His children and as such, we do not always know what is best. Rest assured this will not stop me from starting future arguments with our Divine Papa.

3. Intuition is wisdom and always right. Intellectually I understand emotions block intuition and you will not clearly understand the response from Spirit. It will not correctly resonate with you. Always putting this into practice can be a challenge when stressed.

4. My faith was rewarded. Faith is intuitive conviction; an unshakable inner knowing. One’s belief is not always relevant. Not believing in gravity will not change that earthly reality.

5. Our Creator looks at the big picture knowing every detail of our past lives and the necessary karmic balance.

6. A lot of what we focus on is happening only in our minds.

7. Free choice and free will are gifts and uncertainty is a given in the duality of this Universe, but we MUST watch our every thought, word, and action.

8. Keep in mind whatever the outcome, no experience ever leaves you where it found you.

9. Sometimes, before a defining spiritual initiation, you might encounter a dry spell that could take years to see through, similar to the dark night of the soul.

10. You can go straight to higher consciousness without suffering.

I still believe in affirmations and all I did had a positive effect. We will never know what would have resulted had I not done anything. I especially believe my faith pulled me through and for this I was rewarded by my Higher Self.

The love of God was my motivation, even when I did not fully understand what was happening. The power of his returned Infinite love sustained me. This brought me tremendous peace as did the love and support of some very dear people. Meditation and prayer are my “oars” navigating me on the waters of this journey. They helped direct me to that stillness; expanding my consciousness to awakening and to hear God’s whisper within, demonstrating His unconditional love and compassion. Whatever hurdles we are facing, we can all eventually prosper by resurrecting our own consciousness.

Here are abridged excerpts from our book, The Measure of Christ’s Love, Jesus suggests when creating:

“We would first recommend you release judgment, and see it is merely a circuit, and recognize how you maneuver in this energy field of abundance. See if you are in a frequency of acceptance and to what point. Do you feel discord when you desire something? Do you feel shameful or deserving? One way to overcome a negative feeling toward receiving is to hold the excitement you had as a child when you did not judge yourself for wanting a toy or a day of recreation. Try to work with that image of self. Learn to release the judgments you have been taught about having such things; however, excessiveness is never good in a world so out of balance with materialism, and it has pulled many potential masters from the path. Balance unconditional love with all you are creating. Know God is a Creative Force, and you are intended to be a part of that. Allow that circuit to work through you by learning how you value yourself, and what hidden meanings are a part of your intentions. This is going to take you on an inner journey of your deepest feelings and thoughts held within subliminal levels where some have been told, lifetime after lifetime, they are unworthy. Don’t punish yourself for not having what another has, and shed those ancient beliefs of lack. Do not permit the more recent teachings of abundance to limit you or allow another to say, you must be doing something wrong if you cannot create what you want. This is a misunderstanding of the law of attraction, and those suggesting this may find if they do make a judgment they will soon be walking in your shoes, for this is how the universe, which is conscious, works.”

“Always focus on triumphs, never failures. This does not mean there will not be challenges, but when the focus is success it is easier to move along that current, and each time this attitude is repeated it becomes easier to succeed. Hold success as a diagram you wish to experience, and the universe that operates according to God’s Will can manifest your desires. Success is always God’s Will for everyone,
and when this technique is practiced the opportunity to achieve your goals occurs more often. This ability to create what you wish to experience with ease and grace is within everyone. Your outer manifestations
are really affected by personal beliefs, your level of intelligence, group consciousness, and karmic patterns. Frequencies of creation are all around, and doors continuously open and close.”

Your Spiritual Life, Materialism, and Balance

The goal of life is not to experience materialism to the point it consumes you; inevitably this will pull you out of alignment with spirit, and cause unhappiness. It is not to say those who have a great deal cannot dwell with me, for I sanctify all who deeply crave this depth of knowledge. You should receive satisfaction from all of your acquired creations, even if you only want to further enhance them; however, when you allow material things to own you, instead of solely enjoying ownership, imbalance is created.
This may surprise you, but not all souls come to earth desiring material gain. Yes, there are souls that chose to learn about wealth by being born rich, and do appreciate what they have. Some folks create their own abundance, and are very generous. Others are tested and fail when they step on another for material gain. Subsequently, they are actually supporting a belief in limitation and lack, which is fear-based. Your customs have brought about monumental misunderstandings, and often those people do not remember
or experience the simple pleasures, and some loose a considerable amount of light in these endeavors.
Beloveds, at this present time a spiritual life is not completely understood by the majority, and it is more important than all of the material possessions on earth. The latter are only temporary conveniences, and everyone should consider using some of their leisure time to understand the true nature of their being. The indwelling spirit lives in eternity, oneness, and unity, and it is not preoccupied by any sense of status in a community. The saints experienced communion with me because they placed that as their most valued commodity, and they did not obsess very much over the outer world. I am truly an instructor of the soul, and a doorway for you, and those who call themselves my disciples, and I love everyone. When communing we create a ripple in the fabric of this universe, and I generate wave patterns that bring knowledge, and understanding. I set this experience in motion by causing a stirring in your hearts.
Most of you have dreams where you do not feel like yourselves, and somehow know you are something more. In other words, you feel there is more substance to who you are than the reflection in the
mirror, and the life you are leading. This memory is given in order for the human soul to stir and hear the call I have spoken of, that knock on the door, to see if you are ready to allow me to awaken you. As you learn more of whom you are your light grows in accordance with your divine and true nature, and I will continue to work to expand your spiritual development. As the Celestial Christ, I span many universes. When I was the embodiment of Jesus, I healed many so they would have the opportunity to love God, and to know they were loved, cherished, and perfect in God’s Eyes. It is also what I do for everyone who
is ready to receive me. In the early stages you hold onto me very tightly, since you do not know the way of the divine. Your hearts and minds are challenged in various circumstances as you learn the will of Christ in your life, the Will of God, and His purpose for you. You draw strength from me, and I freely share this gift as my service to humankind. The lessons are intended to be about kindness, forgiveness,
love, and the sharing of God’s light, for all who ask to partake of it, because everyone has a dwelling place within the Lord. As I have been saying, each one of you, along with your planet, is on a journey of understanding, and experiencing divine love as it moves through innumerable systems of thought. During the process of initiation seals are opened, and you receive a deeper comprehension of the Allness of the Divine, and how It relates Itself to levels within creation. To be whole and healed again requires forgiving all others and holding a just mind; this is what I taught. Not only do you need to experience a higher state of consciousness, you must remain there. The material world the masses succumb to is not evil in itself.
Although, when a person is not in balance it does energetically have the power to bring forth misfortune, and misunderstandings; souls who get involved in the imbalance of materialism are sometimes called back to the center of their being through a loving act of mercy from their own God Presence.


It’s really all about You, by Rev. Vera Lauren

There was this bird that whenever he caught his reflection in the window he would get angry and repeatedly bang his beak against the glass in an attempt to attack his very own reflection. When the bird would try to fly away and carry out his morning routine you could see his frustration turn to rage and soon he would be back “beating himself up again.” How many of us have been there or know people who do the very same thing. We rerun circumstances in our minds as we mentally script arguments. Then we marinate in negative energy and point elsewhere to place the blame. The majority of us are constantly complaining and criticizing others, looking at the dark side of every situation.

I knew a woman that notoriously gave too much energy toward situations in her everyday life to the point they would consume her. At first she would allow her thoughts to fester as the dark energy percolated in her mind, and like in the cartoons you could almost see the steam shoot out of her ears. Reminiscent of a spider, she would get others caught up in her web of gossip. By the end of the day her story would take on a life of it’s on and she would actually believe her lies were the truth. Not only did this destroy her mentally and physically, everyone involved was damaged to some degree. Both negative and positive energy have a domino effect on the earth and everyone in it. At one time or another we all meet up with unsavory characters and it is not always our lesson, we may be there for their growth. However, we can learn from every situation. It is very powerful if you can thank their soul for showing up on your stage as the example in your next phase of development.

What Jesus meant by turning the other cheek was not to hold onto those energy patterns. He did not mean we should become doormats or allow others to take advantage or abuse us. Spirit does not encourage weakness. You must respect yourself. Unconsciously, we teach others how to treat us. See beyond the physical faces and imagine the Christ in each person you encounter. If this is too difficult then picture a loved ones image or even your beloved pet in place of the individual in front of you. Take this as a challenge unto yourself. Keep your intentions in check and remember forgiveness is for the giver.

Let go of what you think you know and expect the best in everyone. I know, it is a tough one and it may not completely resolve your issue, yet it always works to some degree. There is alchemy in this, if the person or situation does not rise in consciousness then eventually they or it will disappear from your life. Think of your formative years and the indelible effect it had when someone praised or criticized you. When you were commended you wanted to do even better. When you were disparaged you most likely went into a funk. People will react to the energy you bring forth and either live up or down to your expectations. Learn to let go and move on. Anger, jealousy, gossip, holding grudges, all of these negative energies has the potential to progress into disease. Personally, I believe your body is your mind in action. You cannot change anyone other than yourself, but you can change your expectations or better yet, do not have any in the first place; this way you will never be disappointed. Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” Practice this way of thinking and after some time you will notice a positive shift in your life and less drama. Doors will open more easily and you will soon be surrounded by conscious souls. I am not saying your life will be without obstacles, but don’t fuel them by concentrating on your failures. In many cases it is true what you focus on, you draw to you. So direct your energy to your accomplishments no matter how insignificant and before you know it you will find yourself grooving along a pattern of success, and each time you do this it becomes easier and easier to succeed. I continually remind myself this scenario is a constant that runs through the very fabric of our life. Success is only God’s will for everyone.

I know this is not always easy to do, but only give your opinion when asked. If you must say something be sure the relationship is one you feel worthy of investing your energy in and risking the wrath of the recipient if your criticism is not accepted as you intended. Personally, under the right circumstances, I believe this is an act of love. For example, there are times when a parent’s role places them in this very scenario; especially if they have teenagers.

At all times use the sandwich approach when criticizing, here is how it goes: start with a compliment, give your critique, end with a compliment. Do take a moment to consider the persons intentions and LISTEN, give them the benefit of the doubt, more often than not your assumptions were wrong. The Ego is a fan of the ME religion. Like the bird, if only we would take a minute and look deeper at the reflection we would realize it is us staring back. God is a lover, not a fighter, and when you walk with Spirit you will never go wrong. Find time to introspect but do not be like the bird and beat yourself up. Daily commune with our Creator, count your blessings, and live in gratitude. Make these suggestions a habit and your life will never be ordinary. If you relate this message to others tell them a little birdie told you so.




Life is but a dream… and it’s all in the Mind, by Rev. Vera Lauren

Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream……that song conjures up pleasant childhood memories for me. I grew up in a smallConnecticutbeach town and on those warm lazy summer days my family would sing that song as we walked the long sandy road to the shore. Little did I know then what a metaphor for life that gentle children’s song is. Life is but a dream, ah sweet dreams, I thought back then. I would soon learn that, at times, the gentle stream could lead to turbulent waters.

As a teen, my friend and I decided to take a row boat ride on the sun kissed glistening waters of Long Island Sound, when unexpectedly a swift current took us in a dangerous direction out to sea. Our untrained arms were exhausting as fear overshadowed us and the soundtrack that day quickly switched to; row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a NIGHTMARE… When I took a second to peer into the distance through my binoculars I could see people sipping cocktails on ritzy yachts and sunbathing on sailboats. And here we were frantically trying to navigate our small boat to safety against the perilous waters whilst praying we wouldn’t capsize, drown or get eaten by sharks.

Throughout this episode I had the realization we are all connected and a significant portion of life takes place in our minds. Everything is an illusion; the Sanskrit term for this is maya. All the boats were in the same ocean and the persons on them were each having their own experience. On our boat my friend and I were terrified, while the people sailing or on the yachts were having a splendid peaceful day, completely oblivious to the possibility of our demise.

I have always thought of life as a voyage of the soul. We are all travelers on different journeys to the same destination. Nevertheless, we are all united. There is not one right path or way. Some people seem to sail through life and at the same time another’s motor sputters out of gas and they seem alone and lost at sea. How very sad it is to feel separated, especially from Source. If only they had faith in knowing it is truly impossible to be disconnected from our Divine Mother and Father. It is as unfeasible as a wave disengaging from the sea. An analogy I favor of how we are all connected to God and one another is as follows:

If you were to take a cup and scoop water from the ocean, a part of the ocean would now be in the cup. Though it would appear the cup of water is now separated from the ocean, the water in the cup will always be a part of the ocean.

Once the water that was in the cup merges with the sea, you will never again be able to decipher the liquid that was once in the cup from the body of ocean. We are eternally spiritual energy and energy can never die, it only changes form. Most of what we envisage is just perception and perspective. When you really think about it we are neither dead or alive.

Tomorrow is not promised. We are here for such a short time, why do we fritter away so much of it on pettiness, jealousy, materialism, judgment, and the need to criticize and control others? A lot of us are even persecuted by “well meaning” friends and family for our spiritual practices. I do not pretend to have all the answers but I do tell them the difference between my beliefs and theirs is mine allows for theirs. For those of us that believe in reincarnation we have to take into account a person we may resent could have been someone from a past life we still have an issue with, hence the ill feelings. Do you really want to carry baggage from one lifetime to the next? Choose to resolve karma now.

Each time you behave in a constructive way you contribute beneficial energy to the world, and of course the opposite affect is true. From murder, to the seemingly small mendacity or ad hominem, to a simple smile, all have a ripple effect upon the world like a stone tossed into a pond. You must begin to think globally. Think about living your life as if you are staring in a reality series and your every move is videoed. In actuality, all we do is recorded and acknowledged in the Akashic Records—this is where everything that has ever transpired, including your individual intentions, thoughts, and actions, are recorded in the etheric dimensions and held within the blueprint of the planet.

Look, the only thing guaranteed is change, the only constant is God. Engage with God daily, meditate, and pray regularly. Take a long hard look at yourself, and even if at first you pretend to do better, commit now to operate on a higher level of consciousness. Like the song says, life is but a dream……God’s dream.