Abundance and Prosperity

Money, Wealth, Health and Enriching Relationships
All equal Freedom, renewal of energy and immense joy.
We all want it – How do we get it?

by Catherine Julian Dove and Vera Lauren © 2009 Christ Matrix

capstoneI had an interesting conversation with Jesus. I asked Jesus if there was a difference to God if we took a Vow of Poverty or a Vow of Prosperity. His reply was startling he said “to God there is little difference between the Vow of Poverty and the Vow of Prosperity“. I found this fascinating and I have begun to ask similar questions that have created an interest in this subject. I think others are also interested so I am submitting this article.

Jesus says–”Creation is a magnetic energy charged by the thoughts and the emotions. The clearer and more precise you can be means the higher the light you hold and the more your creations will be as you desire them to be.

The material below was received from Lady Nada of the Karmic Board.

“Some may wish there was a magic pill that would enrich their lives immediately. Most recognize that they have work to do and choices to make to pull in the creations they desire. We are not saying that out of the blue you cannot manifest what you desire, because this power does exist in the universe, and it is our intention to assist you in tapping into this force of light. One way is by recognizing your intentions and the light they hold. You are being asked to reinforce codes to be used by your future self, who will benefit from the work you are accomplishing today.

In a recent conversation the masters told me that all the nutrients earth needs to be the garden world it once was are still beneath the layers of the earth. However, earth’s pollutions and the abuse to the planet are not allowing them to be released. Lady Nada has told me that before the fall the brain was not separated into two halves as it is now. We each are powerful beings, but we have many obstacles to over come.

No one should be afraid of the Lords of Karma. All should call upon them for the release of stored concepts and realize they want to see each person achieving the creations they most desire. This is a vast subject that will be addressed in future work. Why do so many appear to have it all? Understanding this information is a reasonable request.

These teachings are vast for even the newly awakened masters who ascend earth are learning to command light. There are additional layers to your understanding of the Law of Attraction. It is a master frequency and you approach it by thinking of it in this manner. Some metaphysical teachings are only touching the surface because they tell you an incomplete story. They do not reinforce enough that you need to be in a clear place for your creations to be the perfection most seek. In this article we share with you by saying most of what is desired by the human soul appears to be elusive and it takes working toward this understanding to unravel the mystery of abundance. There are many missing keys to learning about how to work with the master codes for abundance and prosperity.

One insight on this is that on the Violet Ray there is a place called the Temple of Abundance – which you can begin to ask to work with. As you work from there, feel the energy of your creations, and see if your I Am Presence or God essence is in support of that creation. Then create it from that reality, and not from an astral body with its emotions out of alignment. Begin to recognize the power that lies within you. Creation does not only happen at the human level. Even higher beings, as we can see by the condition of earth, lost their attunement with their purest nature and brought into creation systems now supporting many life forms that hold little light, or none of their original divine codes. The recoding back to the Immaculate Concept is at the core of the teaching of Abundance. We are not there yet, and as Lady Nada and Pallas Athena explained, we will be working on this subject matter for several workshops.

Continue to bless your creations from the higher light. Please don’t make changes in your lives and say, well spirit told me to move, leave my family, or quit my job. Ask, who is telling you to do this? Ask, how will I be provided for if I make these changes? Use your intelligence and recognize there are many parts of self not yet cleared. After the class, the masters mentioned one key they will be addressing in future talks, which is the concept of accountability for our creations. What we create is being lived and experienced by us, not by a voice that comes to you from another sphere. Make sure it is what you want, not what another wants. Make sure you begin to recognize the difference of when a spirit energy is speaking to you and when your I Am Presence is. As we open up into the unseen worlds there are many, many, patterns. Be creative, be positive, and remember love and laughter bring a higher energy to your creations – and if you don’t like your creation you can change it by moving through it. Look at the opportunities around you and be creative. Ask for additional possibilities, and that they receive an electrical charge from the Higher Will. We came to earth to experience the flow of energy into matter and now that we are here it appears difficult to many. Take the Vow of Prosperity everyday until you are completely comfortable with its frequency.

The causal planes are quite a distance away from the mental and emotional bodies, which is why you need to build a light bridge to your lightbodies. Remember, all of creation is choices and the time to work on them is when you are clear. When you are coming from a clear place, you attract those who can help support your creations from that level. This is why the masters believe establishing goals is a productive use of your energy.”

We bless you.

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