About the Christ Matrix®

What is The Christ Matrix®

The Christ Matrix is a living energy grid from the Body of Christ that supports, and assists souls on their personal journey, utilizing and developing the Christ energies. The Christ Matrix originates from the Breath of Creation, and is part of the Trinity. It holds the sound code for those who are able to work within the Divine Blueprint of the Holy Christ Oversoul. It is a complementary energy to the works of Jesus the Christ, and it is also a domain operating under a magistrate of those who come from the order of the Office of the Christ. The Christ Matrix creates a cosmic alignmentwith that office. The Christ Matrix came into the patterns of this earth under the symbol of the Star of David, and later the cross represented that frequency. We, the ascended masters, gave our messenger Catherine Julian Dove the Christ Matrix® name to use for our work through her and this is also given to our daughter, Vera Lauren. Over the years Catherine trained with these masters and Christ asked her to share their messages of love and to fulfill the expanding mission with the world through books, blogs, classes, and private sessions, requesting Vera Lauren, “whose soul,” he said, “is as light as a feather,” continue to carry on this work. The messages are hopeful, practical, inspirational, and often profound.

Under the guidance of Christ, Mother Mary and other Ascended Masters, and with the help of her long time friend, writer & editor, Vera Lauren, this website was created, where CDs, books, meditation blankets, and DVDs are available. It is both Catherine and Vera’s desire that as many people as possible have the opportunity to improve their practice and comprehension of becoming a Christ on earth, and fully understand this path is being given as part of a divine journey each soul will someday take.

“May your path lead you to your own heart’s desire and an increased awareness of your true soul identity.” —Catherine Julian Dove


christ matrix founders catherine dove and vera lauren
Left to right: Catherine Dove, Vera Lauren & Sangye